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I do not understand the whole industrial isn’t goth and Goth isnt industrial. Most of the industrial I have listen to has goth themes like darkness morbid art, anti-mainstream and sounding experimental. The beginnings of goth was post punk which is anti-establishment and that evolved into the gothic style so why cant goth evolve into something else? I personally believe it evolved into dark wave and industrial. It is a new era so guitar's and acoustic drums are not really needed anymore to make dark music and people don’t need a whole group to make the music they desire to which in itself is Dark art so very goth.

I realize that most industrial artist are no where near the gothic sound and many are not really industrial in my opinion. Industrial music is a genre of electronic and experimental music which draws on harsh, transgressive or provocative sounds and themes s well as a blend of avant-guard electronics experiments which in itself is very anti-establishment which many people believe electronic music is not real music so much that it is against the grain or anti-mainstream and anti-establishment. Punk evolved int goth so why can’t goth evolve into electronic music? I am not sure I have more to add perhaps later let me know your opinion...

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Technically, Goth is an attitude and a worldview rather than a music style which is why there are many flavors of Gothic music. In music there is Industrial Goth, Ethereal Goth, Atmospheric Goth and Classical Goth. It is true that the last round of Gothic thought probably sprang from the Industrial/Punk side, but all the other styles were out there as well. Goth itself predates Industrial, drawing from the tradition of the Romantics in the 18th and 19th century, and architecturally from the Gothic Revival of the 19th century.

I like Collide which is Industrial/Darkwave, but I also listen to Nox Arcana which is more Atmospheric/Classical. Then there is Dead Can Dance which is more Ethereal/Traditional. They’re all Goth in attitude. I'm still a little ambivalent about Death Rock as it feels more Punk than Goth. I've never really enjoyed straight Punk.

I agree that being Goth is so much more than music and styles. Those are just reflections of the beliefs and attitudes of the participants. What I admire about every group or individual that embraces the lifestyle, is the bravery to be original, different, and are willing to share deep philosophies about life and society, no matter how apart it sets them from main stream. They contribute such uniqueness to the world. And they are not afraid to evolve and change as new things and concepts form in the world.

I mean that is what people want right? To change the world? How can we improve and change the world into a better more awesome world without CHANGE???

Fruit for thought.

Love Kristi V

i remember this conversation occurring so many times back in the day :)


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