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I am going to open the conversation of faith, or belief systems. I am wondering if you have found our generation to be very spiritual.

I have been in touch with many people from my younger days and they are all in some kind of deep spiritual belief system. I am not judging or say any belief is right or wrong. I am just noticing that a lot of people in my age group are searching. I run into others in everyday life and online who are the same. 

Do you think that it has anything to do with the way our generation was raised, with high divorce rates and new society revolutions of acceptance? Or do you think it has to do with the time we were born and the evolution of the Earth's psyche? Or do you think it has to do with the fact that we had a quicker than normal generation time frame? There were a lot of innovations and life changes that were happening quickly in our life time so far. 

Perhaps we were the forerunners for the new generations that are coming here.

Let me know what you think!

Love Kristi V

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 I do believe that the present generation is more spiritual than past generations. I also believe that this tendency will continue and escalate. My explanation of this phenomena is that I believe that we are all feeling the immanent incarnation of the Goddess in human form! I believe that this will occur in 2156 CE on December 23 in Australia and until then the forces of both light and darkness will increase! This is a very short time in spiritual terms. It is not a matter of faith in the conventional sense of the term for if you open your hearts to Her you will feel Her presence getting closer every day! 

The Mountains are Singing the Lady Comes!!!

I am a forever student in all that comes to my attention spiritually. I respect it all and pay close attention to how it all comes together. It is interesting that you have an exact date, in human years, as to this event you refer to. What information or inspiration brought you to this conclusion?

Hi Kristi--

    I would think more people are getting more into the spiritual world, and questioning the basis of what they were taught growing up.  Granted I have no data to back this up... other than I heard on the radio that less people are getting married and observations. I've also been going to a witch class that is open to the public, and they said the last class I went to was the biggest group they ever had. They were talking about the difference between the words "pagan", "witch", and "religion"--- 

    Attendance at my parents church is way down from what it was when I was in high school. I avoid going there as much as possible. It makes me wonder though, where all the people went. I'd imagine some are going to a less buttoned-down church, or they aren't going anywhere and tending to their own spiritual life privately.  

   I'd imagine a big part of this is more access to information. I'm hoping that doesn't change.

I too have noticed great changes in church attendance and doctrines of many faiths. I have also seen a great increase in spiritual searching. What roll do we have as mentors for the new generation of searchers?

Evangelicalism in the US is collapsing as its members become disillusioned with the level of hypocrisy running throughout their organizations. When a religion becomes an organization, it very easily slips into scam mode, and eventually people see through the scam and drop out. When they do drop out, because they’ve spent so much time on something that’s not real, they often begin searching for something that is real. That requires a spiritual search or journey so they either get spiritual or they get depressed.

It's also possible we're hitting a spirit up-cycle in human consciousness.

I agree that our human consciousness is broadening and deepening with each new lifetime. 

It really depends on their awakening of the consience. For some it's what brought them to the point or their lvl of it. While others have been brought up in it. My grandmother taught me most. My mother let me see for myself which path was right for me. Then condoned me for some of my choices being awakened. I let my 5 children choose on their own. Some had an easier time than others. But they still have some time being young adults and finding their way.  I believe in time mother earth will chose what to do! Until then we can only try our best to respect her and to try an live harmoniuosly as humanly possible. Mother Earth is not in our way, we are in hers!

I see a lot of the younger generation being spiritually awakened in whatever path, but are choosing not to be polite or let alone have any morals. Or one thing that gets me is how narcissistic some are. Then there are those saying that if you believe in the old ways you are nothing and only living on expired time! Yes, some have said that to me. Even my oldest daughter. 

Then you have those who are only doing it because it's trendy or because of all of the attention they are getting. AKA Attention Whores.

I agree each should choose their path and enjoy the journey they set out to do, challenges and all. Thanks for the reply.

You're very welcome!

Hey this reminds me of a conversation I had with someone about politics. They were questioning why there has to be vicious competition and disagreement like children fighting over a toy. I got to thinking that it would be different if everyone could learn to be considerate of others point of views and could effectively communicate that to one another.

You know we are on the cutting edge of change. We are going into a time where people are learning to have the opportunity to have many choices of beliefs. The times of having only one philosophy being acceptable are over. And during any major change there are those who have to hold onto what gives them stability emotionally and intellectually. They will lash out at any thing that shakes their core beliefs a bit due to them not being ready or at a point to listen to anything new or different. There are many ways to look at things, but takes some trial and error to get to a point where we see that bigger picture. 

Just took a moment to reflect on how your thoughts can carry over into other parts of life as well.

Love Kristi V


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