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The Addams Family.

One of those crazy shows of our past. It was released over 50 years ago and still gets people's attention today. Remakes were made just over 25 years ago. Many analogies are used with the story line and its characters. It was a wonderful display of the darker side of people and a cooky humor. People are not all lovely and perfect, they are different and unique.

Are there any other remnants of our time that brings out the wonderful darker side of life? 

Addams Family 1991

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I remember watching "The Munsters" on tv. I think it was originally made in the 1960s. The Munsters were different from the Addams family in that Herman Munster worked for a living and looked like Baron Frankenstien's creation. I don't remember a film ever being made of the Munsters.

I remember the original series of the Addams Family. Gomez Addams was of "independent means" and did not have to work to support his family. I have seen 3 films based on the Addams Family, 2 of which had Anjelica Houston playing the part of Mrs. Morticia Addams. 

I enjoyed the darkness and the humour of the tv shows and the films, and still do.

This evening I watched a film I had recorded titled "Crimson Peak". I had not seen it before but the setting and the story were both TOTALLY Gothic, and creepy. (but no humour. It is Not a comedy) I enjoyed it.

I miss going out to the goth nights and concerts in Cincy and Columbus but I am too poor and stuck in a small city Im worried the scene will die out one day

Is the scene dissipating or evolving? 

Here it seems to have evolved into Steampunk.

perhaps evolving as now it is not traditional goth rock anymore but more club oriented music what ever happened to goth rock? But its bad when you think you are at a mainstream club and the DJ asks me who the sisters of mercy are? WTF.. 

Sometimes you can find good djs. who will look them up and play it. When I used to go out alot. I would request tunes, either they would play it a little after. or the nxt time I went! There's a club in Tampa called the castle. They have nights for different types of goth era music.

The Addams Family, The Munsters, Twilight Zone, Garbage Pail Kids.


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