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Hello everyone,

I want to welcome everyone. As our community grows I am admiring our commonalities and our beautiful differences. It is definite that our generation is unique and has a lot to offer. I want to create a group of communication and participation. I want it to be fun and exciting. I also want it to have a friendly atmosphere. So I was hoping everyone could share ideas on how to make this happen. I have here some questions to help inspire some pondering on the subject. 

  • What type of discussions would you like to dig into?
  • Are more pictures, video, or media needed?
  • Are there more current events in our culture that we should dive into?
  • Are there ways to spark communication among each other on a friendly level?
  • Do you enjoy questions posed to help get to know one another?
  • Do you prefer discussions to happen in the feed or in the discussion section? 
  • Is there a welcoming of you guys befriending each other on this platform?
  • Is there a need to collaborate some live interactions on the chat?
  • Would you like to play games?
  • Etc.

Please let me know and we will start broadening our horizons.

Love Kristi V

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I think it is most important to mostly discuss the goth culture and music so people can learn about us 

I was thinking about your statement. I believe people who are in this group already are Goth, and have been for awhile. At our age and experience level we understand it to the core and are always exposing ourselves to every aspect of it. This group is not a tool to teach the world about us, it is a tool for us to express ourselves. It is designed to connect with others like ourselves, and to compare our experiences. To widen our own understanding of our own tribe. To welcome in different perspectives from around the world so that we appreciate our culture even more. And yes that does include sharing our loves about our culture with each other, like our styles, music, art, and lifestyles. I believe we are leaving a big legacy in the social history of this planet. As we can tell by the younger generations that it isn't going anywhere. It is now included in our entertainment and education. It is a permanent fixture, here to stay. Love Kristi V

Excellent questions my Lady.

Thank you

Having read this my initial reaction is that I am not a gamer and I seldom click on media links. (I prefer to do something more practical with my time, and if I want to watch YouTube vids. I can find stuff for myself)

I think the discussions section keeps different subjects easier to find. Maybe future topics in the discussion section could include :-

Best places to shop for Gothic clothes, accessories and other items (with pictures).

Ideas for Gothic-themed holidays, with suggestions for places to stay and things to do (based on members personal experience)

Suggestions for decorating your venue for a gothic-themed party. Plenty of scope here for pictures.

I can't think of any current Gothic events, but I would be interested to hear about them if anyone else knows of any.

Live chat is a good idea. Setting it up could be tricky as we are not all on the same timescale, but I think it is doable.

I hope the above is of some help.

As I read your post I realized this kind of thing is right up my alley. It is a way for us to share our likes and loves of the culture. It helps us refine our style and how to implement our culture into every aspect of our lives. Something we couldn't do when we were younger, but now its game on. Love Kristi V

Thanks guys! This is awesome! I will definitely work on these. They sound great. All feedback in the process will be welcome as well. Love Kristi V


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