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We are a major part of society, so market to us like we are.

I am currently looking at the market and what is actually marketed to us. I am seeing a lot more attire options, make up options, music options, fiction book options, spiritual items, and gradually more home decor options, even though most has to be ordered. 

I am looking for more non fiction books for us. Self-help, planners, business concepts, etc. More life books. I am embracing more of what it is truly like being a "mature Goth". I am still very Goth and I am also into other aspects of life, but I see them differently than others. 

Does anyone else see other areas where it would be nice to have things expressed the way we see things?

Love Kristi V

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Gods I used to know some I only have stuff from Konstantinos but look up Voltare LOL

this isnt quite on your topic, but i suspect youll enjoy this :)

Nice, thanks for sharing. Kristi V


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