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In some modern Druidic Groups the ancient practice of merging with Unity via a tree has been preserved. This practice of merging is a basic shamanic technique and traces of the technique can be found in shape shifting procedures in Shamanic societies. In modern terminology this would be called Advanced Autogenetic Training or focusing on the felt sense.

In one Welsh Tradition, chronicled by Siona knight in her book “Exploring Celtic Druidism” the prayer and procedure have been preserved. The Prayer is as follows:

“I am the tree. The tree is me.

I am the roots. The roots are me.

I am the trunk. The trunk is me.

I am the bark. The bark is me.

I am the branches. The branches are me.

I am the leaves. The leaves are me. I am the

I am the bird in the tree. The bird in the tree is me.

I am the sky. The sky is me.

I am the air. The air is me.

I am the clouds. The clouds are me.

I am the water. The water is me.

I am the earth. The earth is me.

I am all things, and all things are me.

I am the Oneness and Oneness is me.

We are One. Blessed Be!”

The use of this meditation procedure which is also well known in the Eastern tradition produced different results within the Oneness that was dependant to some extent on what tree was used for the procedures.

At first it was thought that there would be an infinite variation of experiences dependant on what tree was used to enter the state of Oneness. This however proved not to be the case. It was eventually found that there were Thirteen and only thirteen distinct states that resulted from entering Oneness in this fashion.


It was found that many trees gave rise to similar experiences. Although the State of Oneness being ineffable could be experienced but not described in words there were two consistent body changes present that enabled the states to be differentiated. One was the fact that the color of the Aura turned a different color depending which state the person was in, and this could be used as a consistent diagnostic criteria for the states. There was also a less subtle set of criteria that did not require clairvoyant vision to perceive. It was found that the taste of the body fluids such as saliva changed consistently according to the state of Unity experienced. For this reason Oneness was said to have 13 “flavors”.


It was also found that some trees “focused” the experiences better than others. From these considerations arose the veneration of certain groups of 13 trees such as those that lie at the core of the Ogham system.


It was also found that one variety of tree the mistletoe allowed access to any of the Thirteen states of unity and in rare cases could allow all thirteen states to be experienced simultaneously. Hence the veneration of this plant by the Druids.


This experiencing of the 13 varieties of Oneness was experienced over a wide geographic and cultural area. It was also found in the early Semitic area with a slightly different set of thirteen trees due to climatic variation, but with the same diagnostic criteria.

The founders of the numbering system for the Hebrew and other Semitic numbering system for the letters perpetuated a knowledge of this mystery by making the spelling of the word One add up to 13 in those alphabet system. It is also the reason why the ideal number for a coven in Wicca is said to be 13. The ideal coven is the very image of Oneness.

The Gwidionite Druids originally knew this pattern but such knowledge was eventually only found in a misunderstood section of their Hymn to Mannannan:

“Bold Mannannan, Protector of the Teachings! 
Out of the murkling Dark 
Shines forth thy Bright Wisdom 
Rewarder of True Effort 

O Just and Wise Mannannan, 
Reveal the Great Pattern 
To all of us 
Who move in thy Wake! 

The Great Pattern that has called us forth 
Shines within each of us 
Who wouldst wield the Rings of Color 
And who are the Children of the Tree”.

In this case The bright wisdom originally referred to the 13colours of the “rings of color which relates directly to the people being referred to as the “Children of the Tree as explained above.

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