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I have felt for a long time that young men are not being taught how to be men. Being a man is a wonderful thing and it deserves to be celebrated by all men. In ancient days there were manhood ceremonies and rights of passage. Very few, if any, exist today. Young men are not being taught what it is to be a man and how to be a man. Many men are taught that it is not good to be a man and that somehow we should be ashamed of our manhood. Well I'm very proud to be a man and to worship the God, in whatever form he takes. One does not need to be gay to appreciate the beauty of men, and as men we should not be afraid to acknowledge our own natural beauty. Although we may look different and come from different walks of life and paths, we all share a common heritage and common spirit. If you are like me, you are sick and tired of being put down because of your manhood. I love the saying, "It's a guy thing!" You better believe it! I'd love to hear what other think.

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My perspective is that of a 59 year-old Baby Boomer.  I think many gay-bi men of my age - except those who despite having some homosexual feelings decided to marry and have children - have shied away from contact with children, especially male children.  Ours, and those who came before us, is a generation of men who grew up being told we were child-molesters / molesters of boys.  (In reality psychologists and crime reports show the majority of molesters to be heterosexual men, of course.)  Still, I think a great majority of us have purposely kept away from any contact with male youth, because we're scared at how a homophobic parent or a confused kid may turn against us (with us having done nothing to cause such an attack).  I give a lot of credit to the Eagle Scouts and the gay leaders in the BSA who have fought hard to be able to be open about being Gay/Bi (in a way the BSA is probably the only large group which gives a kind of 'right of passage' experience for youth?)  Perhaps as more LGBT couples continue to adopt and have their own children, and heterosexual couples of today's age become more comfortable with their kids' sexual experimentation and forming their gender/orientation identities, all will be open to the LGBT-created "Rites of Passage" programs for LGBT and Straight youth (male and female). 


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