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So lately I've been running into a lot of Neo-Pagans and Wiccans interested in incorporating hoodoo into their magical practices. I am actually really happy about this, but become very discouraged when I find out they are leaving out some crucial information and influences that make hoodoo what it is. I have great respect for these religious sects and practitioners who attempt to reconstruct the Old Ways (more or less) and I applaud their great strides, but what I am finding and also hating is the fact that they are taking something without proper knowledge or disregarding the important practices that are in set magical practices.


I've recently got into an argument with a wiccan about hoodoo. The person knew quite a bit about hoodoo and tried to convert me into their ways of how I should practice my magic. They don't incorporate zoological curios. (these are animal parts, blood etc.) and that I shouldn't either. I understand the wiccan views and why they (not all of them) don't incorporate such materials because the sources can be very unreliable and can be very barbaric. So this is why I am writing this here for now.


I CANNOT STRESS this enough for Neo-pagans who are on this group who are seeking to learn hoodoo, take what you will of it but disrespect some of the most crucial practices in hoodoo. Hoodoo isn't for the faint of heart, its not for people who are squirmish because of our practices. Now there are things I do disagree with and would never attempt myself (unless it was absolute necessary) but with that said I understand why its there how to apply that knowledge in my hoodoo workings.


Animal sacrifice is very common all over the world, its nothing new. All religions have practiced it in one shape or another. Hoodoo, and also Wicca is no exception to this rule. Hoodoo and Vodou are very commonly known practices that incorporate true animal sacrifice and zoological curios. to the fullest. Why? Because sacrifice is beautiful. Its powerful. Its potent and it works. How we kill these animals and for the purposes differs depending on the species and our intention. Everything in nature is used in hoodoo, because everything in nature is sacred and is connected. There is no reasons to leave anything out.


Typical animal sacrifices are the following:

CHICKENS- chickens are most commonly used in hoodoo sacrifices for the blood, the feet and the feathers. Black hens are especially appropriate and favored. The chicken is also cooked for spirits to eat. Everything is eaten and used.


RABBIT- the feet, teeth, bones and blood are commonly used in hoodoo for spells for good luck. Rabbit's are often drained of their blood and put into a bucket during a ritual of conjuring a hoodoo or demon to appease and call forth the demon to work one's will.


DOVE- dove is also very common in hoodoo. Although Dove's Blood Ink can be made from plant materials and resins, Dove's Blood Ink is also made from real dove's blood. However, some hoodoo conjure men and women state that its unlucky to kill a dove. Others have been known to pierce the heart of the dove to draw in the perfect lover or capture the heart of a man.


BAT- Bat Blood Ink is also very commonly used in hoodoo practices for hexing, can also be made from roots and resins, but bat blood is also very commonly used. Bat wings are another source of use in hoodoo conjures.


DOG- dogs are used in sacrifices, usually they are black and sacrificed at the crossroads. The bones, tongue, claws and fur are used.


CAT- black cats are very much used, the blood is very rarely used in hoodoo and is sometimes seen as bad luck. The hair is often used, so are the nails and also the eye shells of a cat. The bones are also very commonly used, and how they usually are obtained is a black cat is boiled alive. Another use for cats are they are charred alive or burned alive to rid of evil spirits.


Scared yet?


Well you should be. This isn't some fairy tale for magic users. Some of the things in hoodoo are pretty scary and shouldn't be forgotten or put aside. Again there are pretty scary things hoodoo men and women do to obtain their spells. Common zoological curios. are as followed:


ALLIGATOR- the teeth and feet are used in gambling charms and mojo bags.


BADGER TOOTH- used in gambling charms and mojo bags, but can also be described as the Tooth of Wisdom and used in such spells revolving insight and wisdom.


RACCOON- a yes, the raccoon is used in spells for love. A male's penis bone is used to dominate over men, and used in spells for love and passion.


SNAKE- snakes are also commonly used, the fangs, eyes, snake shed and the entire snake are often used. Some rootworkers stuff dead snakes with herbs, roots, minerals and powders and lay them out or hang them up for charms and spells.The rattles on rattlesnakes are also used commonly.


HUMMINGBIRD- the heart of a hummingbird is dried and than made into a powder. Excellent for capturing a man's heart or making someone loev you.


RAVEN/CROW- although two very different birds, the feet are used in healing spells.


So you kind of get the general idea about hoodoo, I want to hear about your opinions and what you think. If you have a formula revolving the usages of zoological curios. let me know.






































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Unless there's a way to work around the using of animals parts, I don't think I'll be learning as much voodoo and hoodoo as I would like to. I can't bring my self to use animal parts that were killed for magick, it makes me feel like I'm disrespecting the Source of all life. I will use the things I learn that feel right to me, but this isn't one of them. Especally the stuff written about the cats. That would be used for hexing right? How could anything good come from making an animal suffer?

The cat is used for spells for luck, not really hexing to be honest, its also used for love and invisibility spells. How could someone make an animal suffer? I don't know. I'm not really one of those kinds of people who boil black cats a live. The power that comes with zoological curios. often is the reason why people use them.


If you are raised as a farmer (such as I) killing an animal is necessary to survive (to eat for example) and so killing an animal for a just cause doesn't frighten me and I feel comfortable doing it. Its just like using plants, its all the same. It lives, it breaths and it is used in magic. People say they are not the same, but anyone who listens to the plants and actually hear them (such as rootworkers because they learn how to) know that any life whether it be animal, rock, plant, river whatever is breathing and living.


Killing an animal is no different than taking a plant. And that isn't to convert you or anything its just to explain some of the reasonings. In hoodoo everything is taken, everything is fairly given adn fairly take. We don't kill for the whim of it. Everything in the animal is used and incorporated in such way to pay respect and homage to that life force. Not that I'm promoting sacrifice although it may sound that way, its sound unfamiliar and alien to those who practice the art of say Neo-paganism who frown on the acts of sacrifice or animal parts. Rightly so, some of the people who do it aren't very nice people. A lot of rootworkers are not very nice people.


One can still practice hoodoo without the usages of animal parts, blood, urine, semen etc. but its important to KNOW that its there and is used today in hoodoo. Its like black magic (although magic has no color) Wiccans acknowledge its existence, doesn't mean they use it. Those that make any sense?


I myself grew up surrounding Voodoo and hoodoo, the acts of using animals doesn't frighten me and I don't think its wrong because of the way I was raised and how to do it properly and "humanily" as possible. For those who look down on these acts, please don't let it change your opinion of me.

I don't see any reason to be afraid to use animals parts in magick. I have found long dead animal bones in nature and after a good cleasning my cat skull works wonderfully for me. The place I found it leads me to believe that the animal died before it realized that anything was wrong, and that makes me more comfortable that the animal did not leave any negitive vibes on the skull. So I see your point, but I have never heard a plant scream or panic when being harvested, and no plant has ever told me no when I ask for it. Yet I have heard an animal scream and panic from being mistreated, and they all tend to fight for their lives, so this would taint my magick. It is this reason why I could never sacrifice an animal, feeling what it feels leading up to it's death would ruin the magick for me, and I don't trust anyone else to do it for me. As much as I try I'm not very good at blocking the emotions of animals from my mind. So I guess the use of animal parts in magick isn't enough to make me look down on someone, or choose not to learn about this form of magick. I just know that this part of it is not for me.

I completely understand that. I feel more comfortable taking something that is already dead, I often go through dead carcasses or animals that have been run over by cars and take the parts I need in my workings (I find it a lot easier to do it that way). But I was also taught hands on how to sacrifice an animal for its parts and how to calm it before doing it. Not all animals fear death, its how you approach it. Again was raised a farmer so animal killing as harsh as it sounds even to my ears is okay. Its always been a part of my life and its so important in hoodoo these parts that I don't forgo and set them aside. A lot of people have difficulties wrapping their heads around it because of modern urban societies and so its often looked down upon here.

I have to say I would too! I agree that animals, carry good rescources. I want to eventually go back to school again to study to become a vet tech, and sadly in that field sometime animals are  used for the greater good.

I don't know how I would totally feel about KILLING an animal for magic but using pieces from a previously dead animal that I knew was clean and safe yes I would not take issue with that.

Not all thing magical are nice and flowery some of its very grim....and morbid..but isn't that much of how  life in general is?

It's hard to say wether or not the rabbit's feet and alligator parts that you may find in a curio or botanica store were killed for magic. It's possible they were gathered from places that farm these animals. When using roots, herbs, mineral, or animal curios in workings I think it's *very* important to thank the spirit of whatever it is your using in your magic. 
Completely agree Ross.
I do actually. The acting of casting bones is very rare these days, few have the Gift and few know how to read. I was taught so. So bones are very common for me to use in my workings. Why do you ask? did you want me to throw bones for you?

Depends on what you are trying to accomplish and again your tradition. Typically you use chickens, you either use 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 13 chicken set. Each part of the animal skeleton represents something, so like the breast represents love.


Sometimes however, we incorporate OTHER animal parts and bones, like the raccoon penis bone or other bird bones such as ravens, owls (very common), hummingbird and sometimes sparrow. We use chicken because its easiest to cast, but we sometimes use budgie because they are easier to get a hold of because some say you need to kill the bird yourself.


Depending on the bird (usually its bird but doesn't have to be) depends on your reading so for example:

CHICKEN- is an all purpose bird, and should be a black hen

SPARROW- sometimes represents the home and also travel

DOVE- things for love affairs

HUMMINGBIRD- also used for love affairs but more towards romantic and soul mate love

RAVEN/CROW- these kind of bones are often used for things like death and also enemies

OWL- these are used to find hidden secrets

BUDGIE- the budgie is very common with marital statuses and the home.


So depending on what you believe, you may want to incorporate all these bones for example. Mixing bones with OTHER SPECIES is sometimes frowned upon, but its sometimes okay to mix other bones of the same general species, so birds with birds, canines with canines.


So how we cast it is very interesting and very elaborate. There are many ways of doing it. So one of the easiest and most common ways and good for you to use is as followed:


You are going to need chicken bones, a good amount of breast, wing and so forth should be taken into consideration. We are going to cast by FIRE, so you are going to take ONE bone of something that you want to know:


Breast- love and heart matters, also deals with friendship.

Wing- anything of the mind and thought process, also represents travel and things that are tying you done.

A general bone- so these are bones that you can't really define, so it might be a leg bone or something, and these usually are all purpose.


These bones are easy to get, just order KFC and than dry the bones, boil them first and wait a couple of days for them to dry.


So you need a fire place for this or something to burn them in. What you are looking for is the way it cracks, how long it cracks, the coloration and also the fragments. The bone will snap and break.


So the basic for this is, you take the bone of your intention and than cast it into the fire, first you whsiper your wish what you want to know to the bone and cast it to the flame.


If it breaks inhalf that's a good thing, if it breaks in many places count the pieces, the uneven numbers are what you want and mean a yes. If the bone doesn't break it means its uncertain. If it cracks but doens't shatter it means no.


So its really basic for you. If you want to know more I can tell you some stuff but its a whole nother topic.


We sometimes use other animal bones, but because bird boens are more fragile they are typically used more than the others.


Raccoon penis bones are used to divine love, lust, passion, people affairs and things like that.


Rabbit teeth and bones are used for all purpose again, but also matters of luck.


Serpent bones are journey, past life, new life and future events. It also helps you explore who you are as an individual.


Fish bones are ALSO very common along with things like crabs and their shells and claws.


Cat bones are ALSO very popular in hoodoo divining.


Dog not so much but also used.


The bones that I use personally are birds. That's just my personal preference, I love birds. Birds are my favorite kind of creatures, and they are considered messengers, and for that reason divination is easier using bird bones for that reason. Plus they are easier to get. I have various kinds of bones and skeletons of birds that I use for different divinations or in sequence with other bones such as:


Canary (love affairs) and Raven (death, magic, deceit) so together they would go good in finding out who is betraying me or if my lover is being faithful.


Sparrow I also use for an all purpose, but I use often for new adventures. Am I going to have a good day.


Owl is also a very popular bone castings I use, perfect for finding hidden secrets.


I mainly use black hen bones because they are all purpose.


Other combination I have used are Robin with Blue Jay, and also more elaborate such as Swallow, Dove and Hummingbird.

I do it. God the man I'm sitting on knows that. I have no problems taking from dead animals because its already dead, just make sure you do some petitioning work and prayers for that animal, some of the most oldest customs are you burn a candle in their name and leave a food offering. The food is to sustain the spirit while the light guides them to wherever.


I need more chicken feet -_-

This is really good info and good stuff. I am a member of a Witchcraft tradition, which is not Wicca. Many in the tradition are studying Hoodoo, or already practice it. I don't leave anything out personally, and have used and do use many of these components. I grew up on a farm and while I am not squeamish, I have great respect for live, meaning I don't kill things wantonly. It must all be done with respect to the divine, and toward the animals involved.

Thank you for this post, and I would just ignore those Wiccans who try to tell you what your work should be like. They don't know what their religion was like 50 years ago, so why should they be able to tell you what yours should be like...

Thank you for your support, I figured no one was talking about it and I was thinking why not? Animal sacrifice and zoological curios. are so important in hoodoo that I think it should be something to discuss about.


I agree with the wiccan statement strongly because 50 years ago, some European Wiccan Covens did practice sacrifice. But Sacrifice doesn't have to be something scary, I've always seen it as soemthing beautiful.


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