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Okay guys lets talk hoodoo,


Van van oil, one of the most highly recomended of all hoodoo products that anyone would tell you a must have for any conjurer. Now its been a while since I've made my own products and curios. and that also includes Van van oil and I want your guys opinions and inputs.


Does anyone know a traditional (or close enough) recipe for Van Van Oil. Keep in mind that Hoodoo oils traditionally are chunky and its contents known. What I was taught is this:


Sweet almond oil is your carrier oil, you use lemon grass and verbena (vervain) and thats it. Now I'm not sure if this is correct and so I turn to you to get your personal opinions.


I've also heard somehwere (but can't remember) that some people add sweet grass and also five finger grass to their van van oils.


So for all of you out there who are reading this, reply with your own personal experiences, uses and recipe for your own van van oils.

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I get most of my Hoodoo supplies from, they are friends of mine, and I really like Cat's work.
I most certainly agree but its kind of expensive when you live far away so I make most of my supplies.
You really can't get much more traditional than with lucky mojo i think.
I agree, but its still expensive *sighs*
I thought Van Van was the 4 or 5 asianic grasses, Lemongrass, Gingergrass, Vetiver, Palmarosa (I say or five as some recipies specify citronella as well, but citronella IS lemongrass)
Interesting, you could be right. Mind you here in Canada some of those grasses are hard to find so maybe what I was taught was a bit more modified to suit the climate needs at that time? The herbs don't always come cheap that's for sure.

Tis. I used to have my seven day van van candle burning and I loved that citronella smell. So aside from attracting love, luck, and money it might also repel mosquittos as a added bonus :)

haha awesome.
I feel like such a bone head for not thinking about this before but some practioners (myself included) sometimes just use lemongrass soaked in olive oil. With a pinch of blessed salt or a lodestone added to the oil.
lol! Yeah I was going through my stuff and I found that a lot of people for Louisiana Van Van Oil JUST use lemongrass, but I have also heard of blessed salt and lodestone added. I've also heard that people use magnetic sand in their van van.
That's actually a really good point Lola, and someone should. Like I said its been awhile since I've practiced Hoodoo or any of spiritual practices (voodooism, hoodoo, brujeria and a few others) so getting back into it is a very slow process I'm finding and I'm like 'Ah! Where is all my information?" its kind of like riding a bike, you aren't sure how you start but once you get started you are like "OH now I remember"

Growing up my mother was into Lousiana voodoo and also hoodoo practices and she compiled all her workings into a book that she called "Books of Conjuring" and I learned from that. It compiled information on Catholic spiritualism, Hatian vodou but also lousiana (her more primary forcus on Lousiana because it is more flexible) and also european witchcraft and hoodoo practices. I've been practicing since I was seven but because I have been on my own for three years now I've moved around a lot and so my practices have been neglected (with that in mind the book was destroyed because of my family). Its only recently that I have sat down and started practicing again, trying to create altars (for loa, saints and also just hoodoo altars) and slowly getting my supplies and information back.


Its not easy I can tell you that much, but I look forward to getting to know you and seeing what you have to offer and share. I am natural at spotting people with talent and you just seem like someone that I will get along with just fine in that particular domain that I feel we will share some common beliefs and practices.


So why now? Why now are you just starting to get into it?


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