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If it would please the Knights and Ladies of the Realm

we will share our Bardic endeavors here upon these pages.


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Home again


I yearn for the land of the silver sea,
and the home walls of the castle keep.

Where gentle knights with honor hold,
to codes that protect both young and old.

The great king ruled with wisdom and grace,
and his redhaired Queen was fair of face.

Oh can you see them in the large great hall,
where fancy tapestries hung on the walls.

And the ladies blushed behind their fans,
as the bravest knight asked one to dance.

It was a merry time for all that were there,

and even the poorest were given a chair.

And the king then stood and made a vow,
to protect each and everyone there.

And the knights all gave a rousing cheer
while the young queen shed a few tears.

Yes thats the land I know as home,
a place with in my heart and soul.

Someday I shall go back there again,
to a gentle, healing, mystic land.

by Lady FernLily 3-12-11

What a lovely idea, M' Lady.  We do have many talented Knights and Ladies herein, so this is a lovely addition to our group.  I ask that those wishing to share here please keep to the topic of Knights and Ladies, or Medieval Times.  Otherwise, let the muse inspire thee to create.

nice imagery, thanks!
Beautiful - Beautiful - N Did I Mention Beautiful  !!

My Lady FernLilly; This is a wonderful idea. I do write a wee bit of poetry but have written nothing that fits the topic of this group. Methinks I will need to see if I can create something apporpriate.

I am at your service.

Sir Peter

Awwww - You gave me such a warm feeling

Thanks !!

My Lady FernLilly I do write bit of poetry But I think a lot of my poems are  to Dark for here
WOW This is deep, and so good!!

Again thank you for sharing this...Truly Beautiful!!   I do hope you share more of your writings with us Sir Blackwolf.





I am deeply touched by your poem, Starguy.  My family hails from Kent, but I dare say we have a few lines to Ireland and Scotland in our past.  I am glad that you are enjoying this group so much.  It shines forth in your poetry.  I have been enjoying reading all of the works by our very talented knights and ladies herein the Realm.  What a grand idea this was Lady FernLily.


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