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Eventide, M' Lords and Ladies.  I welcome thee to The Grand Hall of The Realm.  This is a place of meeting and greeting.  A place to share bonds of friendship, while getting to know our new knights and ladies who have just arrived to join us in these halls.  A place to share a cup of mead and a grand banquet.  A place to listen to our bards and the tales from our knights who have arrived from far away lands.  Join me as we celebrate all the work that has been put forth by all our knights and ladies to create this  wonderful place, frozen in time, that is so dear to all our hearts. 

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Good Lady Moonheart thankyou for the warm welcome to the Grand Hall. I see we are the first to arrive.

I have traveled far to be here and am so pleased to find a place so welcoming. I long to hear others tales of their journeys and to form many friendships everlasting.

Lady TG Avalons Calling



M' Lords and Ladies,

Welcome One And All, to our "Grand Hall Of The Realm".  Join me herein and sit a spell.  Refresh your hunger and thirst, as many of you have traveled a great distance to sit with us here.  Let us get to know one another better.  Please introduce your self to our knights and ladies, as we make merry and celebrate your arrival. 

A hardy welcome to thee, Lady TigerGirl.  Australia is a far away land, indeed.  I am most pleased that you have joined us.  Let us toast to your safe arrival and may your stay in the realm by most joyous.  With one such as lovely as yourself, many a knight will seek to be thy champion.  And we do have some very handsome knights in our realm, I dare say, M' Lady.

*peeks in briefly* Uh.....hi?

Greetings M'lords & Ladies

I am fairly new as well, and I thank everyone for the warm welcomes I have recieved. A Grand Hall indeed, a perfect place to get to know one another.


Blessings to all,

Lady Rayven

*walks in and bows deeply* salutations m'ladies and fellow knights....before speaking of my tales first I shall enjoy a horn of mead while listening to those from was indeed a difficult time to arrive but having been found and invited.....first.....a rest is deeply saught after

The Lady Moonheart bows her head slightly in acknowledgement to Shadow's salutations. Aye, Germany is a far away land, indeed, M' Lord. Please sit a spell and feast with us. The cooks have prepared a fine table this evening and I dare say you will find the mead to your liking. We celebrate your arrival in the Realm, kind sir, and cannot await to hear the news you bring from Germany. For we have no other knights from this place. My Ladies and I shall look forward to hearing your tales of knighthood in this distant land. And I am sure that our knights will enjoy testing your skills with sword and joust in our up-coming tournment.

grins softly and returns the nod to Lady Moonheart

Thank you for the warm introduction and information m'lady......I as well look forward to the possibilities of moments, with the company of yourself and the other ladies of this well as this tournment you speak is uncertain to myself though if the ability to join will be in me.....but no looking down or jumping out before things happen......only time knows the truth of happenings.

Merry Met all.  I have spoken briefly to some of you but I had to come check out this wonderous new Grand hall.  A brief accounting of myself.  I have lived a gypsy life looking for a home.  I am feel trapped and know not where or how to turn. 


The path of a healer is just in front of me, massage therapy and Reiki, however I have not been able to find the doorway to that path.


I wish you all Brightest of Blessings


Greetings (from the shadows)

Umm... yeah... I'm the shy one, don't mind me. I'm normally hiding here and there in the shadows, brewing something up in the kettle or the pots. But, since I guess we are to tell our stories, I shall add mine, briefly.


I found my path just a few short years ago, and have recently moved from Florida to Oklahoma. I have a few close friends, and we've formed a loose circle, which they seem to have decided I'm the leader of. Other than that, its just my daughter and I. The rest can be told on a more personal basis, I guess..


-Katarina...(back hiding in the shadows)

*smirks gently towards Katrina* Well met m'lady.....and worry not, the shadows do keep all safe but do not keep there without may be pleasant and with high guard....but I doubt you have reason to fear seems to me this realm is full of kind hearted knights and ladies. Do not fear those opening their arms and hearts to you for the more united you become with those around you, the safer and more calm hearted your own mind will feel.


Shadow *continues to enjoy drinking his horn of mead*

*replies from cover of the shadows* But dear sir, have you thought not about wether you have fear of me? Nay, I can not believe you have. Not that you should have fear of me, for indeed it is for safety's sake that I remain hidden. At least, that is, until I find a moment that requires my two-pence. Or until I am sure that the company truly be friendly to one as un-educated and un-practiced in the arts as I...



*scratches his chin softly and smirks as he looks to the shadows Lady katarina remains in* many of travels have been passed through by myself m'lady, fear is one thing I know quite well indeed. If one did not have fear in their heart they are, in my mind.....soon to perish. Noticing how you are indeed in shadows as I quite frequently am as well, fear of you I have none but caution is inside of my mind indeed. You may remain hidden if tis in your mind for our sake but just be aware m'lady, If my life were in danger by your being here, the shadows would no longer be a place for yourself to retreat to. Please also understand tis no threat I speak, just words of warning....I do wish to become more knowing of all in the realm to become touch so to speak, so even if at times my words appear threatening, all is well for tis just my natural way of words....For the final words to you m'lady fear not, being without knowledge of the ways most understand for I shall protect all whom are in need as I am sure many here have the same set ways as I.




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