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Apple Candleholders
By Patti Wigington

Decorate Your Altar with Symbols of the Season

Naturally, you’ll want to put candles on your altar to celebrate this Sabbat. Why not use vegetables and fruits symbolic of the season to make a candleholder? These easy candleholders are perfect for holding a taper-style candle.

First, you’ll want to select some firm fruits. Red apples, early acorn squash, even eggplants work well -- apples seem to last the longest. Rinse and dry the fruit or vegetable thoroughly. Polish the outside with a soft cloth until the apple is shiny. Stand the apple up on its bottom, and use a knife or a corer to make a hole in the top where the stem is located. Go about halfway down into the apple so that the candle will have a sturdy base. Widen the hole until it’s the same diameter as your candle.

Pour some lemon juice into the hole and allow it to sit for ten minutes. This will prevent the apple from browning and softening too quickly. Pour out the lemon juice, dry out the hole, and insert a sprig of rosemary, basil, or other fresh herb of your choice. Finally, add the taper candle. Use a little bit of dripped wax to secure the taper in place.

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Replies to This Discussion

Great idea! I actually have a lot of tapered candles, but no holders for them, so I can't use them. or so I thought!!
Wonderfully simple, and very effective -thank you for sharing.
We used the Apple on our Pentacle at last Lughnassadgh Ritual, to be passed cross cut, revealing the Pentagram, that all participants could take a bite from and pass, with our call of "may you never hunger".
Ver appropriate use of natures wheel turn time fruit for a modern purpose.
Blessings of love and light,
Blesings to all, and a hope that your individual Lammas celebrations and Magic was fruitful.
My group have just returned from the famous "Rainbow druid camp" in the Forest of Dean, in England, where we joined with many other likeminded folk for a Lammas celebration, what a wonderful place!
I used the idea of the Apple for Altar decoration on our personal Alter there, and it was much commented upon -thank you for the idea, and for sharing with us.
I hope the pictures I upload work,blessings of light, love, and peace,


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