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Heres my take okay :)

Laying in a hammock my legging hanging out. feeling the warm Summers breezes
goes gently over my leg. I can smell fall slowly coming on it's way.

My neighbors dog laying in the warm shade...

My herbs our being picked by the neighbors becuase I said it was okay....

My son chewing on a bread stick I just made today...

A gently a leaf yellow -green leafs falls on my lap.
I think yup falls on its way....

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First time poem for this :) I likeeverybody elses were fablous...
A nice observation on Fall/Autumn Angji, in England, when it stops raining and the sun greets us at first light, I have noticed that "smell" pervading my nostrils, a low mist, longer shadows, the Hazel bushes full this year of nuts, Damsons hanging heavyily, weighing down branches, Sloe berries of the Blackthorn bountiful like Grapes on a vine, and the Blackberry brambles heavy with fruit, Spiders webs becoming more noticeable with dew glistening in light shafts, and the Fungii emerging everywhere.
I agree, Autumn is fast approaching, our winter last year was harsh, and there was not an abundance of fruit last Autumn, I hope that this one will be milder, I got through at least 4 tons of logs in the Woodburner between September end, and April.
Blessings of light, love and peace.

I totally forgot about, this poem.. Iam bad poetess lol  I never nut tree except walnuts.


I have added to my harvest...

I was a poet and I know it :) Here I can smell fall again no sighting   thanks for the responses!

2010  I never scene before we had snow  in almost every state except Florida even Hawaii  this year except ofr certains parts f the country it was once again a super odd winter at  yule it was around  sunny and sixty I kid you not! 


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