Lammas Cornucopia
By Patti Wigington

Lammas is the first harvest of the year, and the summer sun is typically shining down as farmers begin to gather their grain. Sunflowers are blooming in bright yellows and oranges, and provide a marked contrast to the tans and browns of the wheat fields. By filling a cornucopia with simple treasures from nature, you can bring a little bit of the outdoors inside to decorate your home.

You'll need:

A grapevine cornucopia (available at craft stores)
Wheat stalks, or other types of grain
Other found items such as feathers, corn stalks, etc.
Fill the cornucopia with stalks of wheat and sunflowers. If you have feathers handy, or corn stalks, arrange those in there as well. Hang it on your door as a greeting for guests, or place it on your altar during Lammas ritual.

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