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Make a Berry Bracelet for Lammas
By Patti Wigington

In some counties in Ireland, it became traditional to celebrate Bilberry Sunday at the beginning of August. Everyone went out with buckets to gather berries, and it was custom that a big berry harvest in August meant the rest of the crops would be bountiful a few weeks later. Berry-picking was also an excuse to sneak off into the woods with a lover. Young men plaited fruit and vines into bracelets and crowns for their ladies. Afterwards, the best berries were eaten at a big fair, complete with singing, dancing, and general merrymaking.

You can make a berry bracelet easily, if you can find firm berries that still have stalks attached to them. Ideally, if you can pick them right before you begin this project, you'll get a really nice result. You'll need:

A needle
Sturdy cotton thread
Thread the needle with the cotton thread. Run the needle through the stalks of the berries to make a bracelet. If you have other items handy, like seeds or nuts, feel free to add those into the mix as well. Give them to a loved one to wear as a Lammas token.

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Salal berries would be an excellent native berry for this - if you happen to live in an area where they are abundant, like the northwest.
Gretings to all, on the subject of bracelets that Moon has raised, does anyone practice the Rowanberry bracelet/necklet construction ?
Rowan being a very good protectiveTree, its berries work well if threaded through Red, waxed thin twine -but over thread in number, as they shrink over time! (Any Red thread would do if not waxed, but this is stronger if to be worn)
I like to make these for friends, as charms, to hang over their doorways, even stronger Magick if used together with a Horseshoe.
They have the ability to keep gossips,troublemakers, and those that would use your Magick against you away.
If you click into the "Witches Museum", Cornwall, UK, you may see pictures of some of the items there, Rowanberry protective bracelets being just one.
The Spells incantation that went with the making of this bracelet goes like this
"Black luggie, hammer -head,
Rowan Tree, and red thread,
Put the Warlocks to their speed ".
Blessings of love and light,

The Rowan berries are still pale here, but some of last years berries can still be seen on other bushes. Great Idea :o) 


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