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I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area...a beautiful place to live, and only 10 minutes from the beach! :)

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I am in the beautiful frozen state of Minnesota. A mid size town, Alexandria. I love it here, don't know that I would be able to leave, my family is here. Not many pagans though, wish there were more around here to learn and grow with.
I wonder if St Olaf is a real place?
Merry Meet all! I'm from the beautiful state of West Virginia...yeah, I know all the jokes...but it is a wild and wonderful place! Live in a small town, with very few pagans. Tough at times, but I suppose there are worse places I could be!
Hi, I am from Hopkinsville, Ky. It isn't a very big town. The pagan community is starting to come out more and more every year.I belong to the very first state recgonized Wiccan church in Kentucky.It was a slow start but it is growing.
Lewis County Kentucky If your pagan here run fast to the next town because people here are crazy and they don't like pagan practices.
Savannah Ga. Its beautiful. I love it. Even though I wouldnt mind going back home to Atlanta at times.
I am from across the pond in Central England (Birmingham). Its not far from Stafford (home of Shakespeare, Warwick Castle which is a traditional, fully intact working castle medi-evil staff,knights, dungeon etc even has the lepers playing their little instruments as the castle gates lol. If you ever get a chance to come over stay in the hotel which is just on the castle grounds. (pretty awesome) and many other mystic places including Aston Hall which is one of the most haunted places in England, (book and film sleepy hollow based on it, the headless horseman) etc etc. Im kinda waffling here but theres so much. Kinda makes up for the terrible weather we get over here. lol

Hello to you all and hope to speak soon.

PS: Free to anybody to with a good home,running water and the odd peice of bread to feed me lolol. Oh and dont forget big squishy hugs at bedtime.

Love the PS part.
the PS part was the best part......squishy hugs is a must...

Havnt been on for some time. Work commitments mainly,

How are you?
Currently at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. I was born in Orlando, Florida and grewup in Nashville, Tennessee. But hey I spent most of my life traveling so I'm from all over the place.
everett washington. cold. and no work.

and for some reason no pagans.


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