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Motherhood to me is the greatest step that I believe a woman will EVER take. It transcends beyond herself and than transforms her into something more. It is both the most selfish thing she can do and the most selfless.


Motherhood to me is celestial change, spiritual awakening, and grounding reality.


I can't wait to be a mother.


What about you?



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I am a mother, and well honestly never thought it would be like this.  Its joy, euphoria, stress, pain, love, worry, all mixed into one.  Its a reality to me that is ever changing, evolving.  I tend to get to caught up in all the stress, the worry, and put my family on high, forgetting myself.  Thats one thing that mothers tend to do, and well its not very good for all involved.  I have had to relearn how to love myself and BE a little selfish, in order to love my family like i should.  Thanks for starting this group!

Hey, someone had to!


So, do you have any advice for potential mothers-to-be?



Advice?  Ooooh thats hard!  Dont set your expectations so high, of yourself, children, SO, family.  Because its not always sweet little baby strollers and playdates.  Its WORK.  Expect to be tired, to be cranky, to not be perfect. Its okay to cry.  Its okay to be tired. Its okay if you dont think that youre cut out to be a mom or dad, caregiver, ect.  Some arent wired to have that mothering instinct, it doesnt make them any less of a mother tho.  Its just being human. 

A lot of expectations are placed on new mothers and those that have had their time in the arena, and a lot of moms get overwhelmed trying to meet those.  Whether they come from inside yourself or from family, friends, ect its good to know that YOU are the mother, and usually moms know whats best for themselves and their children, but those times that you dont, well, its OKAY!  Because theres lots of help books out there, lots of forums, mom groups that will never be able to walk you thru hand over hand, it takes experience.  Ive learned that I am not the perfect mom, i dont want to be!  My children arent perfect little angels and most likely wont ever be.   I dont know how im going to handle every emergency.  I take it day by day. 

I love my children, dearly.  But ive also learned its alright to want to get away from them, desperately.  It doesnt make me a bad mom, quite the contrary, its makes me a better WOMAN to want that ME time.  It makes me a better mom.  I think we all need a time out sometimes.  And for those moms that live an breathe their kids lives 24/ 7 well, theyre awesome too! 

Also, its oaky to give advice when warranted, or even needed, but be aware not all parents want that advice and would rather stick that potty training handbook you thought worked so well for you up your ass!  So its best to not give too much advice or force you brand new spankin holistic new age parenting tips on every mom or caregiver you come into contact with.  We all work our magick differently! 

Im not the average parent, my children are special needs kids so i tweak alot of what i do for them.  But something all parents need to know is, that kids are just KIDS.  They are going to need love, affection, time and discipline.  They need examples and guidence. 

Omg she is so PRECIOUS!!


And thank you for telling us your experience. I have heard from SO many women that it is instant and incredibly deep (the whole love at first site thing). But it has always been a concept that I was not incredibly sure of. It's great to know that their are women out there who struggle with the idea. It's not always great to be perfect!



Oh look at the cuteness!! :D

Motherhood to me is an adventure, you just never know what each day might bring when you have kids. I do agree with Maryellen, don't get your expectations too high, I did that and oh boy. Motherhood can have a certain way of giving you a good "comic slap" so to speak. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.


Oldest daughter at the birth of our grandson. Youngest and also known as Auntie standing next to her sissy.

Like at that tiny little man!! He just looks fast asleep right their on momma. And Auntie is just all smiles how funny!!


Is he your first grandchild?



Thanks. Yes this is our first grandchild, and he's been a treasure.


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