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Mystic Sea Coven Ensenada Mexico


Mystic Sea Coven Ensenada Mexico

We are a magickal coven of practicing pagans with an ecclectic background. We practice the Old Ways of our ancient ancestors before the patriarchal religions. Our mission is to bring the Old Ways back so we can once again live in harmony with Gaia, our planet and in turn create balance within us. The abilities we carry are given to us by Source of all as we are a reflection of that Source(Love). We acknowledge the feminine and masculine energies to complete us. These energies can be symbolized as the God or Goddess, Lord and Lady, or Gaia, known as mother earth and Ra the Sun God. We don’t put too much emphasis on the names of these counterparts as we feel that these powerful energies go beyond any name and is unnamable. In order to better relate with these energies, we give them these names to make our connection with them more personal. We too see ourselves as Gods and Goddesses of this amazing loving energy of unlimited potential. We come together to use our talents and gifts to help one another and this planet and to help raise the vibration of her inhabitants of awareness, 5D consciousness. Our mission is to guide humanity into remembering where they came from and to break the hypnotic spell of the Archons who have run this planet for 13000 years, which control the corporations, and most of our world. In order to create the world around us to our liking one needs to go within and hack the projector. We live in a big super hologram where changing our thoughts, feelings and emotions can manipulate the world around us. We invoke many deities, elementals, energies etc to assist us with our manifestations. We celebrate the Sabbats, to stay in-tuned with Mother Earth. The more we stay connected to her we will also enhance our magickical and intuitive abilities. We also declare our own sovereignty and freedom to handle our own affairs rather than allowing the powers that be to control us. We will keep you all informed once we’ve settled in our new Covenstead in Ensenada, Baja California Mexico, and get our online classes, in-person workshops, and celebrations moving. We are so excited and cannot wait to meet others who feel the call as well and wish to join our community. For now, you are free to join our ning site

Location: Ensenada Mexico
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Latest Activity: Aug 19, 2018

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