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Native American or Friends of Native Americans


Native American or Friends of Native Americans

This groups is for everyone who is either Native American or part Native American, and those who appreciate and celebrate the Native American culture, people and history.

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Comment by Seneca DragonWolf on April 16, 2008 at 12:20pm
Greetings everyone! I am part Native American, Wolf Clan of the Seneca Indian tribe located in Tondawanda, NY. I am always looking to learn about my heritage as well as other tribes. I look forward to learning, sharing, and just over all making new friends.
Comment by Bineshii on April 16, 2008 at 8:48am
I have a very faint Native heritage but married an Ojibwe man (now deceased). My daughter and four grandchildren are (card carrying) tribal members. Grandkids go to Indian Community School, a private school which teaches Native values. We go to local pow wows where the grandkids dance in the grass dancer and jingle dress dancer style, though one granddaughter is switching to fancy shawl style. (see photos on my page)

While not native speakers of the language, we have taken classes in it, have attended language tables, and use some phrases at home and at social events like pow wows. There are 60 thousand speakers of Ojibwe, so it is one of the few Native languages that is likely to survive. Speakers live in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada. It is in the Algonquin language family and there are other languages in this group that are still spoken. And there are cultural/language related groups of people from California to Maine.

Yes, there still is prejudice against Native Americans and it exists right along side an admiration for the Native cultures. There is a bumper sticker that I laugh at: "I was Native American before it was cool". And a T-shirt that has been around for a few years with a photo of some armed Native Americans with this text on it: Homeland Security - fighting terrorism since 1492.

I personally promote cultural understanding by studying the language and as a member of a committee that puts on the New Year's Eve Sobriety Pow Wow in Milwaukee. This event is open to people of all cultures and is an non-alcoholic alternative to celebrating the new year. It is a family event, free of charge with a free meal (pot luck). We fund it through a raffle of art contributed by Native artists and commercial sponsorship from organizations like Potawatomi Bingo Casino.

In Wisconsin there has been trouble in recent years over Native treaty rights to spear fishing. That seems to have calmed down in the last couple of years. My grandson was the victim of a racial slur from a 'Christian' boy who lived across the alley awhile back, but for the most part the grandkids have had good relationships with kids of other cultures. They have some Black friends as has my daughter, probably from a mutual understanding of what prejudice is all about from the receiving end.

Well hi, everyone! I hope this group becomes a really active one. And as a Star Trek fan, I believe in the Vulcan philosophy of IDIC (infinite diversity in infinite combinations)! Multi-culturalism lives!
Comment by Moonwaters on April 15, 2008 at 8:31pm
I am unfortunately not a Native American. However, the gated community where I live was built on Indian burial grounds and when you leave or come into this area of Oklahoma, there are signs posted that tell you that you are leaving or entering 'The Cherokee Nation'.

But that's not why I would join a group like this at all. I have always thought that Native Americans were something very special and should be honored. I was born in Yellow Medicine County in Minnesota and until we moved here to OK, I never knew that prejudice against Native Americans was still alive and well. I was simply amazed.

When my christian upbringing let me down, I seriously started searching for a belief system. I had already read several books about Native beliefs, but for some reason witchcraft is what attracted me the most. So I have been studying witchcraft for over two years and trying hard to get started actually DOING something with all that I have learned. However, a few weeks ago, I started reading one of the books that I had on Native beliefs and it was like coming home to me. I felt comforted and secure. I am now studying the few books that I have and learning whatever I can from those of you who know so much more than I do. I hope that this group will grow and be helpful to others. I have talked too much.

Great Spirit Here I am a simple white woman,

Finding You in all that I see and hear.

I hear You in the melodies the birds sing each day,

And I see You in their delicate feathers.

I hear You in the passing thunderstorms,

And see You in the bold but intricate lightning.

I hear You in the water trickling over the pebbles,

And I see You in the waves on the shore.

I see You in every blade of grass,

In every rock in my view,

And in every cloud in the sky.

My heart yearns for Your presence,

My spirit quietly awaits Your voice.

I come in humble awe and respect for You and Your creation.

May I prove to be an asset and not a hindrance.

May wisdom be the path that I always walk.

Allow the sincere and true to see my heart,

And not just the color of my skin.

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