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Being Goddess is easy!
© Anita Revel, Australian Winter Solstice 2008

Some people think that being goddess has to be hard work. Truth is, being goddess is as easy as a walk in the park. Best of all, it only takes three easy steps to become goddess.

Step 1: See Yourself as Goddess

This definition of 'goddess' is from The 7-Day Chakra Workout by Anita Revel.

The ancient goddesses were honoured for many reasons - for an abundant harvest, to keep the family and home safe, or to escort souls safely to the after-life to name a few. In this modern age, however, it isn't always practical to pray at a moonlit forest temple or to burn bonfires during an outdoor springtime orgy.

So how else can a modern gal reconnect with the ancient goddess energy and manifest in her modern life?

Simple. By being aware of yourself and making choices with intention. Every action, thought, projection of self, and treatment of others is a reflection of the goddess within.

Being 'goddess' is about channelling and showing the strengths of the real You. A modern goddess is able to tap into her intuition and trust that it guides her in the right direction. She is able to look in the mirror and say, with meaning, "I love you." And, she is able to act with integrity for her highest good at all times.

Step 2: Practice Random Acts Of Goddess

In any situation, ask yourself, "what would goddess do?" Consider which type of goddess energy you need to embrace in order to achieve a win with dignity for the greatest good of all...

Fortunately for us there are many goddesses we can choose as a role model for any situation. Even though there are hundreds of goddesses and the realms they rule, ultimately there are only seven 'faces' of Goddess that you can choose to don in order to succeed. These seven faces as described below are from The Goddess Diet: See A Goddess in the Mirror in 21 Days by Anita Revel:

* Warrior Queen. Warrior queens have unshakeable trust in their abilities to lead. They forge ahead despite (or because of) obstacles. They carve their own path and lead by example. They stay balanced in times or duress. They are in tune with their physical body and respond to threatening situations rationally. And, they are deeply connected with Mother Earth and humanity.

* Magical Muse. The magical muse is able to accept change gracefully. She openly and readily releases any need to control external forces. She can step into the flow of life whilst maintaining her sense of purpose. She has a magnetic aura and her body confidence is alluring and sensual. She asks for what she deserves and gives herself permission to receive it. She relishes beauty, embodies grace and attracts both attributes with ease.

* Daring Diva. A daring diva is absolutely real whether she is performing on stage in the lead role, supporting from back stage or simply content to be relaxing in the audience. She rises above superficiality and allows her authenticity to be her guiding force in decision-making and her actions. She is intrinsically connected to her intuitive Self and she is readily able to marshal her personal power for her highest good.

* Primordial Mother. The primordial mother embodies love, compassion and trust. All these attributes are a two-way street for her - as happily as she gives these gifts to others, she receives them back unto herself. The primordial mother revels in her self-respect, self-love and self-appreciation. Her heart is open and willing to trust. She thinks love; she is love.

* Natural Healer. The natural healer is able to choose her words wisely to facilitate understanding. Her shared insights are precise, astute and relevant. She is able to seek and accept help, ask for abundance for her highest good, and make her point without aggression. She understands that her expressions manifest in exactly the way she describes. She aids effective communication between the genders, the young and the old, the experienced and the novice.

* Sacred Sage. The Sacred Sage is readily and easily able to move on from petty issues. She lives in a state of clarity because she is able to release negative elements that no longer serve her: self-judgement, self-criticism, self-scorn. She regularly unclutters her life, both physically and mentally, and enjoys the liberation that comes with being in a state of 'simplicity'.

* High Priestess. The high priestess is able to see herself as a minute organism in the ways of the world, both in the physical and non-physical planes, in the present and the future. She is a cosmic traveller, time expander and a sacred vessel for divine expression. She believes in disconnecting from the world every now and then in order to travel to a spaceless, timeless place of all-knowing. Intuitively and effortlessly, wisdom, understanding and spiritual knowledge are her gifts. She knows her calling and honours her destiny.

Step into whichever energy you need in order to act like a true goddess 24/7, in good times and bad, and whether alone or in a crowd.

Step 3: Receive Her Blissings

Some people are naturally lucky. That's because they have aligned their intention to being lucky. Likewise, those that seem to be very blessed in life are very blessed because they acknowledge and receive the blessings with gratitude.

I have recently completed a year-long project focussing on finding my blessings in every day (which you can read about at ""). The conscious act of noticing blessings/blissings meant I had to be actively looking for and recognising things to be grateful for — ergo, the attitude of gratitude became a conscious act. Over the year, counting my blessings became an intentional state of mind as I searched for "daily blissings" throughout each day.

I estimate it took me three months before I stopped searching for my daily blissings, and instead they began throwing themselves into my path. And because of this change in the alignment of my intention, well, I can only say it is very easy being goddess.



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