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I need help with identifying which path to take. I really like the idea of being able to identify my beliefs. I want to bond with those who share the same thoughts and feelings.

Some personal background,

I have been pagan for 6 years now. I haven't been practicing a lot or ever really been overly knowledgeable about everything. I grew up in a Catholic household. The majority of my family are nice, but close minded people.  My parents were homophobic, never liked the idea of straying away from God, and wanted us to be good Catholic children. My brother became Pagan first. My parents were irate and just let it be after a while of thinking 'it is a phase' or 'it's him being rebellious'. They thought it was a little hobby. Needless to say, my upbringing wasn't really a comfortable place to practice. My then brother, now sister is still a pagan but practices by herself. She identifies with many groups. I moved over 2 hours away from her, and she has been the only one I've known who is pagan. So moving out of the uncomfortable environment gives me the freedom to practice but moving also separated me from the only person I could talk to with about Paganism.

So, cutting to the chase,

I am a skeptic on pin pointing a specific god/goddess, but I do believe there is some entity out there. I love candle magick, runes, scrying, etc. Basically, I am interested in everything. 

So, what do you think I identify as? 

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From a Catholic background I always suggest going towards Wicca. Preferably one of the traditional forms, not eclectic. They worship the Lord and Lady (easily transferable from the Lord and his Holy Lady Mother) and sometimes a Deity with no gender. Most Wiccan groups follow a particular pantheon, but overlay them over the basic two (or three).

Traditional Wiccans do magick as well as worship. I hope you will be happy there. Look it up. Gardnarian, Alexandrian, or similar English Traditionalists would be fine. Witta also falls in there. What you need to ask if they are eclectic, is how closely do they follow the traditional line. Do they worship the Lord and Lady (or if Dianic just the Lady) or wander around the pantheons at will.

Lest you think I am pushing my own faith, I point our that I am an Ifa practitioner. Ifa is an African traditional religion.

I am leaning toward wicca, but just wasn't sure exactly what kind. I will have to look in to the more traditional routes. 

And no, this is exactly what I was looking for. I need someone better to start instead of just random selection. 

Thank you! I appreciate it!


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