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I am very new to Paganism. I was raised Catholic and never really believed what I was taught. I had other beliefs and when I learned about Paganism, it put a title to my beliefs. I just don't know what path to take. I have been told that my activities point to a path being a Witch. I have also been told that Witch and Wiccan are the same thing. One person advised me to meditate and ask the Goddess to reveal my gifts and my path. Does anyone have any advice?

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Well I'm just a young whippersnapper, and new to it all myself. But if I could give any advice it would be to do what you want to do. Don't be so concerned about a specific path just yet, and in time, the goddess may help make it obvious what path u are take and/or would make the most out of your life with. But it does take time and patience. So just look out for the signs :3 hope that May have helped alittle bit.

MM Michelle, Teagan the "whippersnapper" hit the nail on the head.  First thing, breath!  It takes years & I mean years to actually find your true path.  You may change your mind a dozen times before you settle on something that really suits you.  If you decide you are a wiccan, you are indeed a witch. Confused yet?  Let me clarify, pagan is an umbrella term, (natured based) under the umbrella is multiple different paths.  One is witchcraft.  To make it a little easier, all wiccans are witches but not all witches are wiccan.  All wiccans are pagan, but not all pagans are wiccan.  Finally, some witches are pagan, but some are not.

Advice:  Read, read & read.  Not just beginner books, but books on different paths & the pantheons that represent them.  I love books on myths!  Books on solitary, eclectic & covens, if you are interested.  Don't overdo it, it can become overwhelming!  The internet can be a wonderful asset.  Whatever interests YOU, check it out.  I find the most fun in following my path is the learning.  I learn something new in every book I read & every website I am on.  Don't forget this forum!  Check out the groups & ask questions.  Love & Light, Bree

I think Teagan and Bree are dead on. I too am a new to all of this. 7 years new. I'm still confused at times. But, as they have both said. Just breath, read, explore, and most of all, open yourself to guidance from the divine.


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