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Emily Gems - Gem stones - Crystal healing - Gemstone Carvings - Love symbols


CyberMoon Emporium - Welcome to CyberMoon Emporium WitchCraft Supplies! CyberMoon Emporium Witchcraft Supplies is dedicated to bringing you the finest witchcraft supplies, wiccan supplies, metaphysical supplies and new age supplies in our pagan supplies and wicca store supplies including our own Altar Kits and Spell Kits (great for travel altar kits), as well as our CHARMED SHOPPE featuring Triquetra Charmed Symbol items for online pagan shopping at its best.



The Magickal Cat - Merry Meet and welcome to The Magickal Cat! Enter the store to discover thousands of items including:
* Hundreds of dried herbs, roots & barks including many hard-to-find varieties
* Bath products to nurture your body and soul
* Books to feed your hungry mind
* Jewelry in a wide variety of goddess, pentacle, fairy, celtic and other pagan designs
* Gemstones -- everything from simple tumbled stones to jewelry to bring color and energy into your life
* Wiccan & Pagan altar supplies, ritual kits, and spell ingredients
And much more! The Magickal Cat -- all your metaphysical needs in one magickal place.


Sacred Mists Shoppe - enchanted wares for enlightened souls

----------------------- - You'll enjoy a superb variety of Handcrafted Candles, Bath/Body/Hair/Skin Care, Incense & Home Fragrance items in nearly 800 fragrances - all handmade to your order! We also offer an ever increasing variety of Herbs, Crystals & Stones, Handcrafted Runes, Spell kits, Gifts, Jewelry & More. Custom crafted Books of Shadows, Ritual Robes, Cloaks, Wands, Talismans & more are crafted here.


Wiccan Wonder - Welcome to Wiccan Wonder. Our online shop holds a wondrous selection of items, from ritual tools, clothing, books and leather items, to jewelry that takes your breath away. We have a section of beautiful art pieces and glassware in gorgeous Celtic knot work. We also carry a line of bath soaps, bath salts and soon to come, our own line of powder incense, made by hand. Ritual robes, for Pagan and Wiccan religious ceremonies, are also available. The Wiccan Wonder store is here to supply all you need for Wiccan Witchcraft.


Green Man's Grove

(Click the picture)


Enchanted Hearth


The Pointy Hat
Handcrafting heirlooms for the new age, of course! What does that mean? I use my passion for creating unique and beautiful pagan wares with spiritual intent that will hopefully become cherished treasures you pass down and share with you children and your children's children. Everything is individually crafted in my sacred studio and many times they are one of a kind. My intention is to be different and I think you will agree this is not your typical online wicca store.

Ritual clothing is probably what I am most known for because I offer a unique interface that allows you to build your own custom ritual robe which I then create to your specifications. Soon I will be offering the same interactive interface for Mantles, Tunics, Tabards, Capes and Dresses. I also create ritual items, jewelry, super cool stuff for the home, and my latest venture is spiritual items for children.


Allegheny Candles and New Age Shop - Allegheny Candles is a family owned and operated new age shop that offers Wicca supply, divination tools and psychic development products in central Pennsylvania. We don't just sell new age products, we use them as well and will be happy to answer any questions you have on our products or service.


Ritual Magick - Your Online Source for Wiccan & Pagan Supplies


Mystic Convergence - Thousands of spiritual supplies for all paths including Pagan, Christian, Metaphysical, Buddist, Judaic, Wicca & more.




Willow Grove Magickal Shoppe

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They sell fun jewelry including Egyptian, Celtic, Goddess, Pentacle, Celestial, and Wicca. Some really great jewelry!
Wow! Just saw this! Thanks so much for including us and many blessings!
No problem! :)

Merry Meet all,  I have bought a lot of things at Amazon.  This store would not be considered a pagan store, but they have a lot of different things at good prices.  I have a wish list started & have two pendants on there, a witches' ball & of course, books.  Blessings, Bree



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