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Pagan Business Promotion Group


Pagan Business Promotion Group

Shop Pagan run and Pagan owned businesses here. This serves a twofold purpose: to help the community recognize its own and invest in itself, and to keep groups from ever getting "spammy" by giving shops an appropriate place to promote.

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The Basics of Pagan Business Promotion

If you're a Pagan-run, Pagan-owned business, here is the place to talk it up. Please adhere to these guidelines, and we should all get along:

Be Nice to Pagan Space
1. We are here but by the grace of Pagan Space. While a lot of us are micro-businesses, if our hard work pays off, we are honor bound to give back where we first generated that energy. So if you come to a point where you have the capacity, please buy advertising here.

Become a Community
2. Support each other. BUILD. When you invest in another Pagan business, you ultimately invest in yourself.

Be Honest
3. Be honest with your customers and with yourself. By associating here, we are in some ways pooling our reputations. Anyone discovered to be running cons in any form will be banned from this group with prejudice.

Be Positive
4. Resist posting any complaint threads. For example: "Business is slow." "Why does no one buy?" "It isn't woooorking." There are other places to vent that stuff. Part of turning this group into a successful place to network and to raise our collective of profiles is to put our best face forward to prospective customers and business contacts. The attitude I carry and encourage is that the world owes me nothing, but I will accept what it does or doesn't give me with grace.

Posting Guidelines
5. Please post a new discussion once introducing yourself, and no more. In the promotions thread, please post only two times a week, three times during end of the year holidays. Feel free to post about business concerns and challenges, ask for advice, or discuss how your personal beliefs and ethics play into your business practice.

A Few Tips to Make the Most of this Group
1. Sign up for an RSS feed reader. Every group on Pagan Space has a feed, and it will help you keep track of the group if you don't want to log in and fish for the new stuff every day.

2. Post an interesting question or resource regularly - the more active the group, the more successful it will be.

3. Before posting, run a search to make sure that no one has already posted the topic. I promise I won't snark at you for repetition, but I will try to move or combine the discussion.

4. Interact.
We all want our moment in the spotlight for ourselves and our businesses, but if we just post our own stuff and don't look at anyone else's posts, it becomes the equivalent of toddlers at play time: they don't play together so much as they play next to each other. While (mostly) harmless, it's not the stuff of community building, and the end its energy spent rather than energy exchanged. So comment on each others' threads, say hello to each other, and welcome people who introduce themselves.

5. Slow Down
Part of what we're doing here is getting to know each other, and part of it is part of working in our businesses.This place is also a space for those that support us to get to know us and to choose us. So slow down while you're here. Check your spelling. Review your posts. Make sure you covered all the details. Every moment you slow down while doing the task at hand is time given back to you later, when the task is so complete that there are no fires to put out. We are all busy, and getting busy for the sake of your own self image loosens your grip on experiencing the process of business building or any other act of creation.

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