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Hello all. I have a question regarding ordination that I was hoping someone might have time to answer for me.

First let me preface this by saying that I can't say I want to be clergy, but Spirit, Goddess, whatever you want to call it, seems insistent. I grew up being taught the family traditions by my dad's family and attending a Baptist school and Nazarene church because of my mother's faith.

As an adult, I discovered that those family traditions were also known as Witchcraft. To my knowledge there is no formal name for their beliefs. It was simply what the family did. I had never heard of the Wiccan Rede. I was taught to always strive to walk in honor with those around me whether they be human, animal or spirit, knowing that we are all connected because the Spirit of the God and Goddess flow through and are part of all living things. But, if push comes to shove, to not fear to use whatever resources I needed to use to defend my own for to hold back would make me just as guilty as the one maliciously causing harm. I was also taught that I must always be aware of and take responsibility for my words, actions and thoughts because they too are energy and would come back to me. We reap what we sow.

In my late 20s I recognized the need to determine what it was I really believed. After several months of soul searching I chose to embrace Witchcraft and dedicated myself to the service of my Goddess (Hecate) who has worked with me since my early teens.

I have completed one level of formal training (working with Christopher Penczak) and worked within a coven for a few years before it was disbanded by the HPS. Now I occasionally join with an open circle for sabbats, but prefer to do my own rituals at home with my family. I have studied herbs, stones, spirits, spirit guides, animal totems, dream work, energy work, reincarnation, meditation, light-workers (and other New Age fluffy bunny stuff), and some other areas of metaphysics independently, but just for my own learning and enjoyment; not to be able to boast regarding my "accumulated knowledge". I consider my five year old to be one of my best teachers, along with my dog and cat! LIfe has taught me a lot about psychology and I am a certified pharmacy technician so I am also aware of the physical workings of the body and many of the compounds that affect it. I have been practicing the Art and focusing my learning for about 20 yrs. I'm not listing these things to brag, please don't assume so. I'm sure that most anyone here has had more training and experience than I, but I wanted you to know that this is also not just a whim.

For about five years now, I have felt called..compelled...chosen...brow-beaten...(lol)  to become ordained as a priestess of Hecate. I don't know that I'm worthy, but I trust Her and am willing to submit to her leading. All I wanted to do was perhaps open a tarot reading

When I worked as a nurse aide I often was required to assist patients in crossing, now those I help are more commonly animals or in welcoming new souls just incarnating. I feel like I have a "flashing counselor sign" over my head because random strangers will stop me in the store or approach me when I'm at the park with my daughter to ask my advice or tell me their problems.

I know I could just get a certificate online for a small fee, but it seems to me that more should be required of someone who's title may give them access and authority to affect another person's life, which is a terrifying concept to me honestly. that I've written a book to tell you where I am and where I'm from, can you tell me where I should go next?

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

Ember Enera

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Hi Ember,

If you're working with Chris, I believe that the Temple of Witchcraft has a clergy training program and policies in place for issuing credentials.


Yes, they do. Thanks Vinnie. I'll look into that.

Sometimes our destiny can be very draining but we can not ignore our talents out of fear....It is obvious your destiny is to guide and help others. Embrace it! You are very fortunate to have had the resources and guidance in your studies to be at the point you are now. Do not let fear hold you back or the small fee for a piece of paper make you feel unworthy. Go, Go, Go you found what you are men't to do so go =)

Blessed Be and please share any knowledge you may have! I love to learn different ways of doing things but unfortunately am limited because of were I live so if you have any advise message me.

 As someone who got ordained through the Universal Life Church for similar reasons to yours, I would have to say that what you do with an ordination is much more important than where you got it. Lots of people treat ordinations like mine as a joke, but I take it quite seriously ;)


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