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So say you have a hunk of land finally, now what?

What do you do first? 

Let's hear you suggestions.

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I'm sorry this thread is 2.5 years old and nobody has responded but I can give you some assistance as I'm in a similar boat. I've lived in my house for 3 years and we financially have the ability to start working on both the inside and the outside.

I have a couple questions before I can give suggestions. Are you living on the land? Is there already a house there? Are you looking to grow fruits, vegetable, have animals?

I'll use my property as an example. I have 5 acres with a 1600 sq ft, 2 story house, a 30x40 ft pole barn and a pond. The pole barn is getting converted to a work shop. I'm going to get 2 mini cows, a couple dozen chickens, and a couple pigs. I'm also going to have room for 2 bee hives, an area roughly 20 x 40 ft that is various berries, 16-18 apple and pear trees and about 30 4x4 vegetable beds. We're also going to put in a full sized tennis court that has the ability to be used for basket ball and street hockey.  We're going to have plenty of space left for a yard for our daughter to play in as well.

Basically, you can do just about anything you want regardless of the size of your land. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss more.


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