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Just wanted to see if there are people up in the Woodstock area that might like to do a dinner meet up just to get to know others in the area with like minds. This is open to anyone even if you don't live in the Woodstock area. If you just want to get out and meet others. Let me know and we cna all get something setup.

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Well I'm in Northeast Georgia. We are on the NC and SC borders. In Rabun County. I'm not sure but that may be somewhat a drive.
I'd LOVE to meet up in Woodstock! I'm already there!
I am here in Woodstock too so ifanything maybe we can do a meetup here too for tose that are closer to Woddstock.
I'm located north of Canton but I would try to make it if anything got set up. I have a friend or two in the area that might also be interested.

There are TC-Borderspagan group that meet monday nights at the Borders bookstore there off of where 575 and 75 split.  On Barret pkwy. 



Well met!  Currently in Gainesville.

Has anyone ever met farther north up 575/515? I haven't found any groups that far north without being almost on top of the state line.....

I think most people up that way actually travel back down to go to groups like Ravenwood, Ravenstone, North Georgia Solitaries, Myst of the Wildwood, etc.

I live near woodstock, and would love to get together with other pagans to be social and learn more to help me along my Path. Monday and Wednesday nights are bad for me, but pretty much any other time is good for me, as long as I know at least a week in advance. ^^

So, I live in Woodstock.

I'm in Acworth, about 15 minutes from Woodstock via Kellog Creek Road. I service Roswell, Canton, Acworth, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Cartersville, Dallas, Dalton, Rockmart, Calhoun, Rome, and most any other place within a 20-30 mile radius...though I try to avoid Atlanta if I can help it....traffic.

Meetups are "iffy" for me, as I have two small children and I don't like to leave my wife with both of them for too long, nor do I introduce new people to them until I meet them a few times, first. I'm cautious about who I introduce into my children's lives.

You're welcome to view my profile, or type my name into Google. I frequently shop in Woodstock, I prefer the Bells Ferry Walmart more than the Acworth Walmart, and the gas station next to it tends to have better prices than any around home.

I was a staff member of North Georgia Solitaries for a number of years before we dissolved the group, and I'm familiar with most of the long-standing groups within North Georgia.

If anybody is interested, however, I'm much more open to meeting people at local events. I just posted one on my profile a few minutes ago that I'll be vending at. I'm a volunteer for the event. We're having a Beltane celebration up at Dragon Hills Retreat in Bowdon, Georgia.

All the cabins are booked up already but if you own a tent or can borrow one from a friend, there's plenty of camping space still available. It is a paid event, it's not much considering there will be rituals, workshops, vendors, a raffle, weekend-long campfire, and more. Beltane is usually a pretty small event comparatively (smaller than Atlanta Pagan Pride) so it's close knit and you're more easily able to find someone to connect with. Makes social situations much less awkward for people with social anxiety.

If you're all curious about attending, you can view the Event details on my profile or just message me directly. Alternatively you can type Dragon Hills Beltane 2018 into Google or Facebook to go there directly, though the links are on the event page I posted here in PaganSpace.

It'd be a great opportunity for any Pagans in the North Georgia area to meet up. Please, please only attend if you're 18+ or are with a parent/guardian. I'm not sure if PaganSpace is a strictly 18+ community network or not, I just don't want anyone getting into trouble for running off to an event without parental permission or someone legally responsible for them present during the event. If you're a minor without a legal guardian, chances are you'll be turned away at the event and will have wasted a trip.


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