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I'm from Merseyside...were are you lot?

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im in middlesbrough
Wet and chilly Yorkshire
ah so you think of yorkshire the same as me then
Oh yes - well, if you also think it is wet and chilly LOL
its always good for the rain water. im sure it plans the rain or whenever i want to go there
Yes, I've got to admit, it is good for the garden. Don't take it personally though, I think it actually started raining when I moved here and hasn't stopped since. Honestly, I can't remember a day when it didn't rain.

You can tell this is a UK group - we are talking about the weather LOL
Wild, wonderful...and, oh yes..wet, Wales
hi raven sara - i'm also in wales .... not so wet here today but just as wonderful!
I'm in Wales too :) Two years on and its still just as wet...
Greetings im in Half Yorkshire and Half Lincolnshire
hehehe. Re my partner.
I originate from Wilthire
Flowing Spirit always
Bath, UK; anyone nearby?xx


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