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Hi All,

I'm Stacy and new to the group. My psychiatric list includes the following:

  • Schizo-affective Disorder (a combination of a mild form of schizophrenia coupled with Bi-Polar Disorder)
  • Social Anxiety
  • Generalized Anxiety
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (the jury is still out on that one)
  • Insomnia (not necessarily a psych disorder, but a disorder nonetheless)

Although I do have Bi-Polar, I tend to lean more to the depressive side, so I take 2 anti-depressants.

My question to the group is this:

Do you think that your prescribed psych meds (if you are on them) hinder or dull your psychic abilities?

For me, I think they do. Before I started taking a Rx for insomnia, I could vividly recall my dreams, and now if I have dreams, which I'm sure I do, I just plain can't recall them. Not one bit. Not even if I set a dream journal on my night stand and try to recall a dream before I get out of bed. To me, this is very disturbing because I used to have dreams from my departed loved ones, and I always viewed those dreams very positively.

Also, I used to be asleep and would be awakened by my name being called. I always assumed it was God, but I could have been wrong on that one. Now, no one awakens me from sleep. Also when I worked as a C.N.A. and then as a R.N. (I'm on disability now), I would walk the patient hallways and feel like patients' spirits were communicating with me.

I used to be able to telepathically communicate with my cat (who is no longer a member of our family). I was told that it was a "psychotic" thought to think I had animal telepathy. I try now really hard to telepathically communicate with my dog, all to no avail.

Were each of those things I listed above the product of psychosis? Or were they deeper than that? I've never really considered myself gifted in the psychic or spiritual realm, but from the little reading that I've done, we're all gifted, just some of us have developed our gift(s) more than others.

In my opinion, the medications that I take (1 for anxiety, 2 for depression, 2 for psychotic thoughts, 1 for insomnia) depress my senses. I'm interested in your thoughts on this topic.

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i, too, am bipolar, have anxiety, mild ocd and catastrophic thinking, and have insomnia. i am on medication for all. i used to dream all the time. very vivid and usually with some significance. since taking sleeping pills, i no longer remember my dreams. which really bothers me. so i know if i remember my dreams, i have to pay attention because it usually means something important. if i do remember my dreams, they usually have to do with animals (spirit guides).

i fully believe what you were experiencing was NOT psychosis. i used to hear someone say my name to wake me up during my sleep and clap above me to wake me up. that startled me a few times. i wish i would've paid more attention to my dreams at the time. i believe i used to visited by my angels and guides, and even my departed grandpa, but since starting my psych meds (around 14 years old) and the more they changed them around, those visits slowly stopped happening. now i no longer feel them around. i sometimes would even hear them talking to me. worlds of encouragement during my darker times and even saw a shadow standing over me a few times. and feelings of being watched. not in a bad way, though. and none of this scared me. it was very comforting. if it wasn't such a comforting and safe feeling, i would've thought i was going nuts. i blame the medication. if i didn't need them so badly, i'd go off completely. just to have it all back. 

Stacy, u may b onto something there, at least for the sleeping meds & recalling dreams. When I was taking a sleeping aid I could not have even told u if I was dreaming. Now that I have been taken off them, I remember dreaming, altho not a lot of the content. 

I also communicate with my cat (familiar) telepathically. I can tell him I love him & see him respond.  If I call his name, he will come to me.

If I have other psychic abilities, I am not aware of them -- possibly just need to wait & see if they manifest themselves.

BTW I have Borderline Personality Disorder, Major Depression, Anxiety Disorder, (probly) Eating Disorder & (possibly) Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  I take 2 mood stabilization meds, at least 2 anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds & vitamins for anorexic behaviors.

I too am looking forwards to others' comments on this topic.  Great discussion Stacy!  :)

Many of us who have psychic abilities are labeled as psychotic by a psychiatric establishment that refuses, despite overwhelming evidence, to accept psychic abilities as scientific fact.  To a greater or lesser extent, we all have these abilities.  They're in our so-called "junk" DNA.  These are simply genes labeled "junk"  simply because scientists don't know what the genes do.  Anyway, if our cave-dwelling ancestors hadn't had a little something extra to sense danger, they wouldn't have survived long enough to become our ancestors.

Like you, I'm also diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder, which no one has been able to define for me, so I interpret it as a blanket term they give a person they can't adequately put into one of their little boxes.  I take 2 psychiatric meds, which work for me, Risperidone, and Citalopram, an anti-psychotic, and an antidepressant, respectively.  This may strike you as weird, but my psychic and magickal abilities actually increased when I started taking these meds.  I think it was because I no longer had to worry about losing my temper or getting suicidal.  This clarified my thinking processes and enabled me to listen to the subtler vibrations present at all times.

Many psychiatric medications, however.  Many dull the mind.  If you have a receptive  therapist and psychiatrist, you might discuss with them the possibility of switching to meds that don't dull your mind so much.  Good luck.

Hi, Tegwood....

I was recently hospitalized (in July) for having psychotic, homicidal ideation (when I get manic I don't become the happy, let's go spend all our money type, instead, I become hostile and threatening). I think that is one reason I am on so much medication, because it doesn't take much to provoke my temper.

As far as the term "Schizo-Affective Disorder," my hospital psychiatrist described it as a "trash can" diagnosis, where you have a little of this disorder, some of another, etc.

I talked to my husband today about decreasing the amounts of meds I take. He gave me the reply that I'm doing so well now, why would I want to mess with anything? I tried telling him I missed my animal telepathic skills, and he brushed that off as psychotic thinking. I tried to explain that there are TV shows and books where there are animal communicators, but he said that was Hollywood. He just didn't get it because he's never experienced the beauty of talking to an animal without words.

I have a great psychiatric nurse practitioner (she even gave us her personal cell phone number to call or text her at any time if something is not right - this is something we've had to do). But, I think she will think like my husband that communicating with animals is delusional thinking and since I'm a compliant, happy little camper, why rock the boat and mess with my meds.

I feel hopeless, really.

It's Tegwedd, pronounced tay-weth.  Trash-can diagnosis is a good description of schizo-affective disorder.  Psychiatrists can't stand to admit they don't know what's wrong with a patient, so they invented that to cover it.  I take an anti-psychotic to keep from losing my temper.  I don't see hallucinations or anything like that.  I find that when communicating telepathically with animals, they relate better to images than they do to words.  Your husband isn't very supportive of you, is he?  I'm lucky that I found the right cocktail of meds for me right off the bat.  Many people get put on the wrong meds and these do cause their senses to be dulled.  My psi got stronger because I wasn't depressed anymore, and I'm not getting angry all the time.  If I were bi-polar, my manic state would be like yours, angry and hostile.  My meds enable me to be more like what I really am.

My apologies on the mis-spelling of your name. I can't see that well without my glasses, see even worse with them on!

Also, on your sleeping med, you might not be experiencing REM sleep, which is not only where dreams come from, but is a normal and necessary phase of the sleep  cycle.  That's the problem with a lot of chemical sleep aids.  You spend the night in delta, without going through the different phases of sleep.  I take melatonin, which is a natural substance produced by the brain.  It isn't prescribed.  You can get it from  Get the strongest variety of melatonin you can.  I take 10 or 11 mg each night.  There are also teas you can get which will restore you to a natural cycle of sleep.

Regarding the insomnia, I take enough sedative-type meds to knock over an elephant. Really. And this is with me not having any caffeine after the noon hour, not taking daytime naps, drinking bedtime herbal teas, and shutting off the TV and computer 2 hours before bedtime (supposedly the light is supposed to stimulate your brain and make you more awake).

I'm reading a workbook on insomnia, and the author suggests no sleeping aides, period, whether prescribed or OTC. Of course, she insists that you discuss this with your health provider first before you abruptly discontinue them.

I take 5mg Melatonin, magnesium, progesterone cream, and a pill that has a combo of hops, passionflower, kava, and valarian - as well as my sleeping Rx and the other meds that are supposed to have a sedating effect.

And here I am, wide awake. It's so depressing at times. Thanks for listening and offering your advice. I appreciate it and I wish you the best with your health.

I think it depends.  If the meds are interacting in a bad way with each other they can dull your senses. Same when a person is misdiagnosed or doesn't need to be medicated, that can actually cause problems. Depends on the meds too

The job of meds is to aid in recovery by reducing the symptoms enough to enable you to live your life, learn how to replace any negative coping skills you may have developed, gain skills you may not have been able to develop when the illness was in control.  They actually, in my case work better while using alternative treatments like aroma therapy, visualization, meditation,yoga, ect.

A lot of people think they loose they creativity and so on if they are on meds. I don't believe that's the case.  It's a part of you and always will be, we just have to learn how to find it. A person can still connect they just have learn how to do it instead of it happening by itself.

Personally, I have depression and borderline personality, I'm also on meds, I get counseling, and I go to groups. I have vivid dreams I really need to write down more often.  A lot of times I don't remember I had a dream, though I know it happened since its vital for our health and memory.  I'm thinking of trying techniques people use to remember dreams so I can remember more

I take three different psych meds- two for depression and one for anxiety

Serotonin helps with the psychic senses and dopamine helps me with energy

the anxiety medicine i take vistaril has it's pros and cons- on one hand i feel that it does help, but sometimes i believe that hinders more, so that one I don't take every single night

Both remeron and vistaril help with sleep btw

I'm on way to many med. now. I did go off one for anxiety & depression but I can't remember the name of it. I took it for years & it stopped working. 

looks like many of us are in the same boat


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