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Besides paying for all these reiki attunements I'm also paying to take a whole bunch of online Witchy classes.

Its come down to which Cuups group is less painfully annoying or cyber/telephone gatherings.

And I'd just like to know one thing, why is everyone so painfully retarted about sex and yet I'm the only person I know that's been institutionalized for no good reason over it?

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Any professionals out there that can explain this person's situation to him better....

"Retarted?"  Do you mean retarded?  And do you really want to use a word that is so loaded with other meaning?  I say this because my sister is mentally retarded.

If you mean what I think you mean it's because a lot of abuses have taken place around sex in the name of Wicca or Neo-Paganism.  It's been mostly men who are guilty of this, but a few women, I suspect, are guilty of it too.  One man tried to organize a festival camp-out where he would be tenting with all the women while the men were shunted off somewhere else.  When I joined the Pagan community in the Bay Area in the mid-1970s, the sex was wide open, but I think people took too much advantage of that so that people were hurt, and marriages suffered.

I imagine possibly because of skyclad they thought that gave them the right.Or in our group's case,we had polyamorous folks....who didn't know how to keep their hands to themselves.We had 2 guys that tried sleeping with all ages of the's not ok if the other isn't interested in that poor young girl got raped..I do not condone this what so ever....

In NROOGD, during the meeting dance, you may turn your head if you'd rather be kissed on the cheek than the mouth, or simply nod rather than be kissed at all.  Another thing that curtailed the free and easy sex of the 60s and 70s was disease.  During the 80s, there came an awareness of the diseases you could catch by having unprotected sex with the wrong person; from AIDS, to gonorrhea and syphilis, to chlamydia and genital herpes, not to mention genital yeast infections,  people became aware that being polyamorous could deliver a death sentence.  Have we become puritanical? Perhaps, but it was to save lives; our own.  The Wiccan Rede says: "An it harm nane, do what ye wilt."  Is this what you meant by "retarted about sex," John? 

excuse me, why can't i post anything online without everyone jumping down my throat?

why is the whole pagan community two bricks shy a load?

i posted retarted, that's a spin off of retarded

anyone who is anyone has heard of a tart

even etarted that's a common saying, but perhaps for those of my age or younger- whatever.

I'd really like to be able to post things online with everyone acting the asshole.

Exactly in what way were people jumping down your throat?  We were just explaining why the Pagan community was so "retarted" about sex.  What exactly did you mean?  You might try not being so judgmental and hypersensitive about the others in this group.  Most of us are just barely coping with our own issues.  And some of these issues are about sex itself.

I just read this & I'm completely in the dark. 

We would like to understand more about what you are saying John but no one was insulting you. We post open & honest here. 

If you wish to talk more about your issues I'm sure we will listen.

Noone speaks English to me about sex is all.

Sorry didnt mean to poke fun at other disadvantaged people *like Trump with his mockery of a disabled*

I just don't get it how it seems like sex is classism. I've grown up financially disadvantaged, but good looking. The latter means nothing and I'm only getting and looking older now and staying poor, so excuse the fuck out of me for being a little bit upset about such a thing. WTF

You sound like you're "thinking" with your little head, John.  This group is not about sex.  If you want to talk about sex, perhaps you should join a sex group.  Start one if you don't find any.

English? Really? We have tried being nice to you but it seems you are bent on being angry. If you don't want anyone's opinion why ask? You're rude, plain & simple. I agree with Tegwedd, why not start your own group? 


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