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Sooo I have fibromyalgia. One of the mystery syndromes. I also have IBS, CF, MF & others I can't remember right now. (fibo.fog) It took many years, many tests & many doctors to get this diagnoses. Yes I have depression. Not sure what came first. I also have PTSD, anxiety disorder & again...others I can't remember.

Anyone want to share their story? Maybe offer advice or encouragement? B :-} 

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I have Hashimotos all my life,of course.It turned into hypothyroidism as an adult...which causes many aggravating health issues...I have always fought depression since i was a little girl,probably from the 2012 i was in an accident on an icey bridge and hit a semi....which makes me now live in chronic pain.....which makes it hard to hold a job or stay sane when the bosses are screaming at just want want to walk away and go home to your safe haven....and yes,some days you want to tell them off...the worse thing for me is no one in my family or friend s understands what i go thru,except one newer friend now,who lives w/ fibromyalgia...I don't like living on pain killers so I try to relax and sleep as often as I can I don't sleep well so I sometimes try to take a cat nap during the dayI have always been a highly sensitive person on top of all this...which most folks will not and can not deal w/..this is why I have only a few select friends..My heart goes out to all people fighting inner or outer pain of any kind ,including our furry cat Hennie has HIV virus and my dog is allergic to something outside and lives w/ inflammation itchy ears and an odor only I can smell,when he comes hubby is we deal w/ that too.. 

First, can I ask what Hashimotos is, if I'm not being too nosey? Haven't heard of it. Gonna be nosey one more time...have you tried for disability? With the right doctors/therapist you should be a candidate. I have been on disability for many years, mostly to do with chronic pain but with my inability to work with other people at times because of anxiety plus other emotional issues, it went through. I can not imagine having to deal with a boss/employees in that situation.

I'm a sensitive too. Makes it doubly hard to deal with people. I have a few not-so-close friends. The friends I've had in the past have taken advantage of my caring nature & became physic vampires. Had to walk away. My family is another story.....

I have schizo-affective disorder, with depressive features.  I also  have GERD, chronic pancreatitis and sinusitis.  I guess I also have allergies, but the only one I know I have is tobacco.  I learned today that I also have abandonment issues, as I almost panicked when I thought they'd forgotten about me after my MRI was done.  BUt they hadn't.  Now I feel silly.

Please do not feel silly. I can understand how you feel. My parents were not so parental...too long a story to post here.

I have heard of schizo-affective disorder. You have my sympathy. GERD? Got that one. How do you treat it? I take two omeprazole in the am before breakfast & one ranitidine before bed. They want to do surgery but I said no as I have a bad reaction to anesthesia. 

we still love ya Bree...

back at ya!!!!

Thank you.

My biggest issue is anxiety and when some of my Depression symptoms manifest, mainly lack of motivation.  I have developed some healthy coping skills, like keeping a sketchpad with me and breathing.  I still need work though.

I so understand how you feel. Do the seasons affect your symptoms? I find in warmer weather I'm much better, possibly because I am outside more & getting benefits from Mother Earth. 

I get depression myself especially seasonal.

Me too. I find when I can't go outside I'm miserable. A down day is good but not more than that. I don't drive in bad weather & I don't venture out much, unless I have too. I need fresh air & sunshine to function. It's gotten worse as I've gotten older, more pain, more  depression. Not looking forward to it.


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