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Only a little over a month to go... I'm really looking forward to it. My only problem is deciding which of my 70s is going to be my "main" this time around. ha!

Will you be starting a Death Knight or just getting your main to 80 asap? I'm going to start a DK just to save the name and play around with when I need a break, but I'm going to focus mainly on getting the 70s I already have to 80 first.

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Sweet - so I'm not the only one! :D When BC was released I had my husband go park his butt at the store for the evening. He was taking pics with his phone and sending them to me - total craziness! By 1:30 AM I had that baby installed and a belf paladin up and running... rofl. I told him he's better be prepared for the same deal (I'd go, but someone has to be here with the kids!).

You don't have to turn one of your already created toons into a dk. You are allowed to create one of any race (it will be a new character, won't replace anything) as long as you have a character on that realm that is lvl 55 or higher. The death knights start out at lvl 55 and have a really neat starting quest chain.

A lot of people are saying the big patch comes out this coming week, so at least we'll have new talents, etc to play with until wotlk! :)
Go here and play around. Neat stuff! New Talent Trees

Another fun thing that comes with this patch is the barbershop.. New hair, jewelry/features, etc. Thank goodness, too. My poor warlock has had the same nasty hair for over 3 years now. The very first thing I did on the test realm was go get new hair. (I know, I'm a dork. It's ok.)
I'm excited. Even if I have to go to my friend's house to play. He got LK the other day..he calls me to brag...grrrrrrrr. :P


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