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I have played the game for like 4 years, which means I have played the game ever since it came out *smiles* and I have played just about all the classes and I'm very fond of the Shaman Class (lol and Warlock and Death Knight class too)and find That paganism is deeply inbeded into this game, the spells in the game are very close to what we can do, I know it may no be all the spells but some. I find WoW as a positive Influencer of Paganism and thank blizzard!!!!

Shaman-Lvl 74 atm-Hekate-Fizzcrank-Guild:Vengance Rising

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I have been playing for about the same amount of time, Hekate. I play a human mage, frost spec (primary) arcane spec (secondary). He is up to 80 now. I also have a NE Hunter at lvl 70, a DK at 62, a NE Rogue at 16, a BE rogue at 32, and finally a Draenei Paladin at 12.

I do agree with you that World of Warcraft has a strong pagan influence. Asside from the spells there is the festivals. Each of the festivals is centered around some of the sabbats from the wheel of the year. We just had Midsummer and in WOW it was Midsummer Fire Festival. Lughnasadh is missed in WOW. September has Mabon/Fall Equinox, WOW has Harvest Festival. Of course we are all familiar with Samhain and the WOW counterpart of Hallow's End. December has Yule and Feast of Winters Veil. I know there are more but you get the idea. For those who manage to get to Sholazar Basin in Northrend watch for Freya, yes Freya kicking Scourge ass.

So yes, WOW is pagan.
Brightest Blessing.
I was just thinking this the other day. Shamans have a lot of reference to Pagan Shamans of the real world. It's so interesting! And in one of the Dungeons there is a Pentacle. =) SO yeah.

My main is a raid healing restoration shaman. names: Yakisoba - realm: Shu'halo. I love her to pieces! Shamans > all.


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