Hello dear sisters,

Please write your new addresses here. The ones that are in the first group you are fine there unless you change your address. We will start a new one every two years and I will try to go thru the first one and get rid of the addresses that do not work anymore and try to keep better track of it all.

Please don't forget if you can have markings on the envelopes or not.

and have fun writing to each other..

Love and light your way,



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Happy Tuesday. My address is still the same but I will put it here. Jeni Arndts 409 S. Clinton St. Albion, MI 49224. You can also address it as Ariel Wyon Odin if you wish. Symbols are welcome.

Merry meet my sisters~ here is my address in case anyone would like to write. 

    Wendy Thornton

    Po Box 338

    Hardy, Arkansas 72542

CINDY Waters

2075 kingsley dr 

beaumont tx 77705

Might be a little hard for the moment but its something. Here is an address that everyone can send mail too.

Myshelle "Sstarfyre" Harris

2181 E Iris Drive

Chandler, AZ 85286

I love the stickers in the mail, but for the time being, leave them off the envelopes...thank you

cathy kennedy

p.o. box 137

york haven  pa 17370

Most likely already posted but heres my address again

Marie Wade

5368 E. Collier Rd

Acampo, CA 95220 

email if some prefer : bswan548@gmail.com just title it pen sisters or paganspace 

Hello all,

I am new to this group. I am not quite sure how this works. Do I just pic someone I think I will connect with and write to them or do I message them here first? Or do I wait for someone to write me first? Thanks and let me know. 

1411 Hallcroft Lane, Houston TX, USA, 77073

You can pick someone to write too. you can message them first or just send them a letter. 


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