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Brother Of Raven The Crow..

Brother Crow is the Watcher at the gateway between darkness and light, between the physical world and the world of spirit.

Crow's keen perception sees right into the heart of any process, and it helps us to deal with the shadow within in order to achieve spiritual power, to transform ourselves so that we may pass the Gate of Spirit and walk the spirit worlds.

The passage alters us in a fundamental way, so it is said that the Medicine power of Crow is shape-shifting.

Since it is said to have emerged from the Void or Abyss before Creation, Crow is called the Messenger of the Ancient Ones called the Star Gods.

Those who follow Crow know that the shadow within came from without, and their awareness of two worlds makes them feel that they don't belong here.

They have a deeper understanding than others of our true nature and they inspire others with their vision of the spirit.

When Crow speaks out, it is about the opening of the spirit world and the interaction of powers.

Crow is an omen of change, when the pasts lost in the mist of time can be seen and the possibility of transforming into a future self emerges.

The Universal Spirit that corresponds to the Crow is the Horned Serpent (called by the white man the Dragon), and the planetary force is that of Saturn.

Gypsies call Crow the Judge, and it allows those who have died to themselves to seek new life. Crow is black to the blind, but silver to those who see.

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