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What are your favorite books for research/learning the runes?


I know some books focus on learning them & how to cast them while others focus on their history. What are your favorites from the various categories?

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My favorite book on the Runes, bar none, is Northern Mysteries & Magick
formerly Leaves of Yggdrasil by Freya Aswynn.

I'll definately have to check that out & see if I can get a copy.


I recently came across two books which I'm curious about those I find suspicious as they appear rather cheesy. They're titled A Librarian's Guide to Norse Runes & A Librarian's Guide: Norse Runes Mastered.


Having to do research for the SCA, I'm always rather suspect about sources so I always like someone's opinion. Thank you for yours. :)

Sorry, I don't know anything about the 2 books you mentioned.  Get Freya Aswynn's book and you can't go wrong.

ill have to look at that book, leaves of yggdrasil has always been my favorite.

my favorite has been "Leaves of Yggdrasil" by Freya Aswin


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