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I am a huge fanatic when it comes to pumpkin...I live for this time of I grew up on the great Circleville Pumpkin Show where nothing is taboo when it comes to pumpkin. From seeds to pizza it's all pumpkin!! I know I know right?


This is my own humble addition to the 'great pumpkin'...LOL!


Base Ingredients:


2 c. pumpkin puree

4-5 T. flour

2 eggs




Brown Sugar Cakes:                                         Pumpkin Fry Cakes:

4 T. Brown Sugar                                             Chopped onion

Cinnamon                                                         Chopped bacon

Pinch of salt                                                      Salt and Pepper to taste

Opt: Maple Syrup (For pouring on the cakes after fryed)


1.Mix well the base ingredients.

2.Pick a combo and stir into the base. (I make up the fry cakes the night before so that the flavors meld in with the base)

3.Heat a pan and melt 2T. butter. Spoon your puree into it. Fry until crunchy and brown on the outside.

4. Eat and enjoy.


*For those who are sugar sensitive try Whey Low. It's a low glycemic sugar blend. Tastes great, bakes great and comes in regular and brown sugar blend and no chemicals!!


*I play a lot so the flavorings are really to taste. Feel free to mix it up and play with other flavors. If you come up with any other great combos I'd love to hear them:>


Blessed Be,


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Your speaking my language Krys. I am a bit obsessed with Pumpkins too. I love anything pumpkin! Me and Sage went to the Circleville Pumpkin Show last year when we were in Ohio. It was a blast! Fall is the most awesome time of year! Great recipes! Thank you!

I definitely have to try this for next Monday (the big day) and my ritual. Since I have to do some shopping on Thursday, might even sneak in the ingredients......maybe even bring a few to work on the  BIG DAY 


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