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A Contemporary Look into Vampire Ethics through Seven Principles of Propriety 

  1. Respect all life and the processes of nature. As a vampiric being, we must rely on the energy of others to live a happy and healthy existence. Protect life and only take what is necessary. Be kind to your donor and honor them as you would a nurturing mother. Do not treat them as food. We do not harm or kill because of our nature. We are predators, but we shall be held responsible for our actions. You have the right to protect yourself and your family as deemed appropriate by law.
  2. Honor your commitments and show that you are trustworthy by being honest, responsible, mature, and law abiding. Within communities, the voice of the sum of the whole should be taken into account. Leaders must earn their place within the structure and not misuse any privileges granted them. To lead or guide should have the burden of teaching the young, of aspiring towards the greater good of the whole, and of distributing equal and/or just treatment to all depending on the actions and character of the individuals within the group.
  3. Guard your secret carefully and be wary of who you tell. It is also not acceptable to share the secrets of others without their permission. Do not advertise your information and take on pseudonyms when necessary. Be discrete in fulfilling your needs. Most of us do not seek public attention for it affects the whole. Our nature is to be concealed within the shadows and circles of trust. Others will not hold it as sacred. You as an individual have the freedom to do as you please, but do not make claims to speak for the whole or dissolve yourself without responsibility for your actions.
  4. Do not force your will or opinion onto others and let them come to their own terms of who they are and where they belong. If you believe someone to be of us, you may explain your thoughts, but let them decide for themselves. If they have questions, do not leave them in the dark and show them the courtesy of enlightening their path. Offer knowledge to seekers if you have it to give. Do not lead blindly fragile minds but instill in them the will to seek their own truth. Respect the opinions and traditions of others, but do not belittle yourself for seeing things differently because unique flavor adds exotic spice to the mix.
  5. Do not attack others of your kind unless you desire to create enemies or must defend yourself from others who have already instigated an attack. Be courteous to one another for we share a condition whether or not we share the same origins or needs.
  6. Know thyself, take care of your needs and body, and learn what is necessary to better yourself and your condition. Practice safe grounding and shielding techniques. Cleanse your energy regular and receive medical checkups. Conserve your energy and use it constructively towards your goals or to suit your personal desires. Learn your limits. You have the right to feed and a healthy existence as long as you are responsible and conduct yourself in a mature manner. Do not abuse that right.
  7. Be safe. Use sterile equipment and keep a first aid kit on hand. Practice safe bloodletting and never assume it is safe to consume without thorough blood testing. Keep open communication with your donor, who should be in adequate health physically and mentally. Maintain the health of you and your donor whatever the energy needs you seek to satisfy. Do not be forceful and respect someone’s decision to say no or stop. Discuss your intentions and limitations between you and your donor before you enter into a relationship. Respect the bonds formed between you and your donor and follow up on the aftercare of their physical and mental well-being. Do not abuse your donors, or you do not deserve them.

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