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The following is a rambling of mine concerning myths and facts from my somewhat individual perspective.  I am not an end all experience for all who believe they are vampire.

All people die with a stake through the heart. 

Garlic is a tasty treat and doesn't shy us away unless we are allergic or find the smell unpleasant.  I love garlic and can't get enough of it in my food.  I believe this myth came from the magickal correspondance of garlic warding away evil or negative energy.  

NOT all vampires are evil. 

Silver does help deter unwanted energy flow but does not burn us.  I prefer to wear silver jewelry personally. 

Some of us are sensitive to the sun, and we may be nocturnal.  However, most of us have to live life throughout the day by working, being active, running errands, and picking our kids up from school.  

Yes, we can have children, and no they are not always like us nor do they become weird mutant vampires.  Nonetheless, vampires can be drawn to those more like them in understanding or likeness such as other vampires, otherkin, or donors, and when we mate, a hybrid being might come about, which may or may not have to do with genetics.  

We aren't all pale and can come from any race, gender, sexual orientation, religious background, etc. 

Real vampires do not kill for their food, only the meat eating variety.  We have to eat food and drink fluids just like anyone else to survive. 

There is no war between vampires and werewolves.  Some may have a distaste for the other, especially due to actions of someone they have known that has jaded them from others of same variety. 

Good and bad are relative.  

Many sense vampires around them not being able to put their finger on what it is that bothers them, but just because we are predators doesn't always make us bad people.  I personally try to be a decent person with what I consider honorable morals that I follow. I may not value all of society, but I like to see myself as a humanitarian. 

Many vampires and otherkin view their life paths as meant to help those here on Earth in great ways to evolve the species and shift consciousness to enlightenment or betterment of their fellow man in some way. 

Vampires are living and breathing although some have certain ticks that make them feel like the undead, neither living nor dead.  I do call myself a zombie from time to time when I'm unfed.  

Vampires can die of the same reasons that other humans can.  

It is debated whether vampires are really human though. 

We do not freaking sparkle.  We may have interesting auras, but this is in no way, shape, or form to be confused as some silly Mormon creation sparkling in the sunshine. 

Vampires are predators and have to contend with what we call "the beast" and "the hunger or thirst".  It doesn't mean we are homicidal maniacs.  Although, sometimes we may linger towards violent thoughts, but this doesn't give anyone the right to act upon them however tempting it may be when confronted with an annoying person.  But come on, how many regular humans experience this. 

Some vampires do not know or repress who they are. 

Many of us try to find control and balance within ourselves and have moral codes to not just drain anyone dry.  Many only take from willing donors that have been prescreened medically and mentally and have kindly accepted to sharing themselves with us.

We are not all bad people out to get you.  

We identify more with those of an open minded nature.  

Some of us have smarter intellects or keener senses of observation that may cause us to become misanthropes.

We don't always join a coven or pack.  Quite a few choose to be solitary just like witches. 

We can not physically shapeshift, but this is possible through mental and or spiritual experiences. 

We do not burn or run from crosses or holy water.  Albeit, we might slam the door in the face of bible pushing bigots and walk away from preachers that offend us with their hate mongering. 

Some of us have courage to stand up for what we think is right and can be considered rebels of conformity.  

We tend to be very passionate and sensual people.  

We may have keener senses such as "ears of a bat" or gain muscle mass easily, but that doesn't always make us different from others.  

We tend to have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. 

If we do not feed, we feel repercussions upon our minds and bodies.  We suffer a multitude of symptoms from not feeding. 

A common definition of vampire is that we need something outside of ourselves not provided by regular nutrition from food and daily living be it blood, energy, elemental, or sexual exchanges. 

Not all vampires drink blood: some because they cannot get blood, a few that adapt to their surroundings who find ways to subsist without, and others who believe they have vampiric needs to feed on psychic energy.  

Within the community however, there has been a rift going on for years of psis versus sangs of each side making claims of what side is more "real" or that sangs are outdated needing to evolve.  

Drinking blood can be dangerous and shouldn't be taken lightly anyway.  Vampies can get sick and die from bloodborne and sexually transmitted diseases.  However, some of us can only find full nourishment by drinking blood whether there are other constituents yet to be identified by medical science that we may need. 

Lifestylers exist as individuals seeking the aesthetic of fictional vampires or roleplaying their own fanfiction of sorts.  They are not vampires but may call themselves such.  Some like to distinguish themselves by adding a y in vampyre.  They may dress in Gothic or Victorian garb with cape and fangs looking like Lestat or whatever new fiction that has caused a culture shift.  Some vampires get involved with the lifestyler or BDSM scene in order to find a way to cope with who they are or for entertainment. 

One can make their energy vampiric due to magickal means or life choices, but it doesn't necessarily mean they are vampire. 

Just because one joins a group or church, pays a membership fee, buys a book, or finds someone to "sire" them, it doesn't mean they are a vampire. 

Vampires can not be made; they are born.  

They are not always identifiable, others give themselves away easily due to energy, aura, or actions.  Some are extremely talented energy workers and can mask their energy or blend in to their surroundings.  

We cannot physically become invisible or camouflage ourselves like a lizard unless we are wearing hunting gear just like anyone else.  

Vampires tend to be more in tuned with magick because of their nature. 

For a real vampire, this is not a fetish or something we have chosen.  Feeding isn't always a sexual act, but it can be for some, especially sexual vampires.  

We will not grow out of this like it is a phase, whereas a wannabe will.  

Anyone is capable of drawing psychic energy to them and can learn to use this to their advantage.  This ability does not make them vampires.  

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