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Hi all, new to the group, so hello to all :) I am currently working on my shamanic abilities & would consider myself a beginner (no harm in being honest lol) and in training.

I have seen a wonderful Shamans drum & have heard about painting it with symbols, totems etc special to you and your path, now the question is how can we choose those symbols and do they affect the energy of the drum in circle. (Yeah I am eclectic and would also like to use it in circle to surround myself and send out healing energy, through beat & chant.) Also, would you perform a cleansing & dedication in honor of your guides & Gods? Or would you charge it somehow?

Thanks for any advice,

Dancing Fox

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Hi dancing fox, Im new to shamonisn also and have only been practicinf a few years. Its not what you put on your drum, but whats in your heart. The drum is just a tool. I dont care if its a pic of Mickey Mouse. Its the thought and cerimoney that brings you to the place of healing. Im very much involved with Reike and its based along the same aspects. Good luck in your quest.

Thanks for your input Jon, I think you are right about what you say about healing being in the heart, I wonder if anyone else has anything to say on dedication of shamanic tools...

Thanks again.

I decorated my drum with two pictures that repeat around the side. The pictures are meaningful to me. Yes, I do feel that they affect the energy in a positive way. My spirit guide has drummed my drum through me-- that's a nice sort of dedication.

Wonderful, thanks for sharing the photograph :)

I suppose that the symbols are focus points, they help you to get into the intention of ceremony, in a similar way icons or statues of deities would.

Thanks again,

Dancing Fox

Cleansing would be important, of course, I tend to forget about the simpler things. Even if smudged with a prayer or chant to your guides and idea of spirit or God could be a good way of dedicating the drum.

Thanks again, also I'm sure you will find it at the perfect time.

Like Sat, i have not found a drum that feels right and I have been gathering the materials to build my own in the future (sometime after my forge is completed this spring) but I am in the middle of repairing an electric bass guitar that apparently I am meant to use for healing work.

as far as what to put on your drum, what are you going to use the drum for? trance? song work? journeying? or perhaps divination?  many Saami and Swedish are used for divination and journeying, thus the images on the face are similar to a reading board mixed with images of places they travel to often. there are also bells and such that one can attach to the outside of the drum to add sound and other bits of energy. some i have seen even have a way of drumming themselves with only a small bit of wrist movement.

whatever you choose to do, just listen to your spirit and your guides.


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