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Why do so many women pick losers that treat them like crap over decent guys that would treat them well ?

Okay, so here's the part that baffles me.

I have known so many women that are with total assholes. They seem to have no interest in guys that treat them well. Doesn't seem to matter what the nice guy looks like. Could be Brad Pitt, they'd still choose the jerk. So whats up with that.

I hear so many women bitch about thier guy, or men in general. " Men are pigs " , Men are jerks, yet it's what they choose.

I'm tired as hell about hearing women bitch about men when they could have made other choices and didn't.  And hey, lots of women are pigs too.

One of my best friends is a guy that is intelligent, works hard and does well, and certainly isn't bad looking I suppose , but women just walk all over him. They treat him like crap, spend his money and then usually just end up sneaking away to bang some other guy.

Hell, that almost sounds like my life too when I think about it. It's far too common these days.  Is there any women left in the world that are capable of just being faithful and not booking out as soon as theres a rough road to travel ?

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Do these men actually exist??? Good hearted fair willed, faithfull, interesting, not bad looking men??? Let me know if any are available in my part of the woods!!! xx
I think they're everywhere. They just get overlooked a lot because they arent busy making asses of themselves. Lol
By the way, I've never been near your neck of the woods but I just found out my family spent the last 400 or so years there. A sizable collection of my familys artwork is in the Castle Museum where you live.
It's kinda cool to speak to someone from there. I plan on visiting the whole area in the near future.

I agree with you on that . My ex did everything right at first . He was sweet , kind and toughtful ,passionate. But that all changed after we got married and i had our baby . It was like i have her i dont have to try anymore and he dent . All my family and friends said he was an ass and i dent see it . All i saw was the man i had fallen in love with. But after years of it i could not take it anymore so we got divorced . Now i am happy agine and alot less stressed. If there realy is men like that out there i hope i find one someday.
Wow. It's like you ladies are describing my last two relationships. Just in reverse.

Problem I have is that I can't even regret them. In both cases I was left with a beautiful daughter, both of whom I have raised on my own. It's been very difficult at times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
It's hard for a guy to figure out when he knows he did everything right. I work hard, I have my priorities in order, and I sure as hell know how to have a good time if the time and place is right. But I still ended up on my own raising two little girls by myself. My last ex took off and I ended up just one of a long line. She's with a tattoo artist who already has a rep for treating women like crap.

Maybe I'm just a bad judge of character.

My soon to be ex-husband was just like this--I thought he was nice and a great guy, but after we got married he became demanding and critical and wanted me to have no life of my own. Anytime I wanted to do something for myself or something for the both of us that was related to my interests not his, it was too inconvenient, too expensive, or whatever. This was my second marriage. The first guy was a jerk from the beginning and I thought second time around I had gotten it right. Unfortunately that was not the case. I'm done with marriage for now, but hope to find some decent guys to date. If they are out there I hope they speak up!

Yes Kriss these men exist. I believe that I am one. I do things alone while I see obvious jerks with ladies that, at least from appearances, I would like the opportunity to get to know.

Looks mean nothing compared to the capacity to be faithful. I loved a girl so much I swore a sacred oath never to touch another until she was lost to me completly. The sad thing was I'd never even had a night out with her, never told her just how much I cared because I didn't want to come between her an

lol...yes, me too :)  this reply was to what Kalistic Kriss said. I hit the right reply button  I think. lol

I think that  the  majority of women who opt to  stay with jerks are for the  most part " DRAMA QUEENS ". They crave the attention that  they  get. They are turned on by the people who shows compassion for  them.  Also there  are  alot of  women who live the fantasy of being  the  woman who will change the bad boy into a man. They  are  just  as bad as the  man who lives the fantasy of marrying  the " super HOTTIE " only  to  find  out  that she  is  high maintiance  or has an attitude problem.

I believe that sympathy may play a part in the game.... Some if not all women tend to have had their times of let down and broken hearted downpours. This plays a huge roll in what kind of lover she would be.... usually a broken hearted women will use another man in order to avoid being used...... In other cases where the women is just with someone who treats her poorly it has almost everything to do with the way she was brought up.


Women don't just pick a man out of a crowd, take him home, sex his brains out then think a long term relationship will blossom... (if she does, there's your sign right there) She won't care how he treats her, she just wants to be loved.


Most if not all women will do anything for love even if its with the wrong guy. It takes time and getting to know oneself and their wants and needs before one can ever be satisfied. The problem with many women today is that they don't have what it takes to love themselves fully enough before offering their self- worth to another man.


I hope this has answered your question. She must be the type of person she would want to be in love with. If shes with a loser chances are..... she's a loser as well (or at least she think she is thus leading to her poor choices).


As for the "Hey! Good Guy Over Here!" as you wave your arms in the air; I don't believe she can see you if she hasn't touched down to reality and realized who she really is, wants and needs.


Good luck on your quest (if you're on one). Blessed be!

I just came upon this group and this discussion. I have asked myself the same thing many times.

I do like your reply Courtney does make some sense.

I have often wondered the same thing.


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