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My dreams don't involve entities or of anything sexual in nature holding me down, I have insomnia and since I was 18 have been given a sleep aid, which has helped me tremendously. Even though my patterns of sleep still remain interrupted.

Usually the feelings of paralysis are when I am not sure if I am awake or deeply asleep and have visions of myself looking at me, which startles me, and i can't move, call out, until I watch my dream self moving away from me.

I have them quite frequently, and I am always in bed, or trying to sleep on the couch and in my dream, I feel like I awaken and there is my dream self watching, staring at me,. It used to freak me out, but those dreams seemed to dissipated as I got older.

I have mentioned this to doctors who checked for narcolepsy, and he seemed to believe these dreams can be normal, especially in certain stages of sleep. I guess my biggest question is why when asleep,  why do I see myself in dream state staring me down, looking at me, never saying a word? I can't move, say a thing, nothing.

That is all this dream is , glad I have not dreamed those in a while. Thanks for letting me share

I've been told that people in dreams are a representation of ourselves in some degree, so why am i watching me?

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I worry to much.. I have been having vivid strange dreams since I was a child. In quite a few I was talking to myself or saw myself doing something ...very real detailed dreams mind you ..not the cartoonlike Freudian surreal stuff you see in the movies  but very real and and lucid sometimes almost like a movie spliced together from a dozen different sources ..I used to fly a lot in my dreams or levitate or visit strange places I have never been ....I also have some sleep issues and have an ambien prescription ..Though not as bad as you do from the sound of it ...I always feel very good after my dreams ...rested ... relieved ...and the other me is never angry or dangerous and there is usually a positive message buried in the dream....                                                                                                                                   I wouldnt worry to much. Mine can be so bizarre I am afraid to tell people about them not bloody or sick mind you just very strange...    I think they are a positive manifestations of creative mind seeking an outlet ....Mine have not abated as I have grown older ..They have gotten more frequent ...almost every night and more surreal _ ; like well made but badly edited film projects I suppose...As to why we see ourselves sometimes ...Im not sure ...some say we are trying to tell ourselves something ...Freud would say it is the ego and super ego talking to the ID ...New Agers or Buddhists might say it is our previous incarnations talking to us or teach us lessons they learned.and we are not getting..Others might say we are both mildly schizophrenic and these images of ourselves are desires manifesting themselves in the form of another us..Some might say to much TV

Royal: Start a new discussion and tell me in detail about one of your recurring dreams.

Sleep paralysis experiences have a lot of characteristics, and what you describe definitely has some of them.  What you describe are sleep paralysis experiences.  The person looking down at you is not you, but is a friendly nonphysical entity who is trying to help you empower yourself.  You are currently not open to that self empowerment, hence your dream paralysis experiences.  Once you become more open to them, you will have no more sleep paralysis experiences.  I will use my Emerald Oracle to look into this further.  My Emerald Oracle consists of 867 units of information, as opposed to 78 in the tarot.


Question:  What can you tell Sunny about her sleep paralysis experiences?


81.  The sky is the limit; there are no limitations to something.


215.  You must not attempt too much all at one time; you must proceed one step at a

               time, in a proper manner.

733.  You must get more deeply in touch with your true sexual proclivities and



368.  You think that something is bad or worthless, but it is not.

226.  You daydream or wonder about something of great significance.

671.  You expand your repertoire of mystical skills.

611.  You receive a really nice communication from someone.

400.  You are on the wrong path.

199.  You jettison one goal, and pursue another instead.

438.  You make something known or bring something to light.


The information contained in this divination is the same information that your nonphysical entity friend is trying to convey to you.



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