its been a few weeks since ive had a vivid dream of any kind. most times i dont remember if i dream or not, but when i do its usually about something scary and wierd, something that would piss me off, or just plain scary.

i use to get a lot of spider dreams in my teens up until my mid twenties, but they where usually a bunch of them pouring in from random places or cracks in the walls. but this morning i had a dream of just one spider. it was all black and about the size of a pink eraser... it was crawling along the table heading for my hand. it stopped when i jumped up and moved my hand away. it kinda looked at me for a moment and continued twards me. i got the odd feeling like it was trying to tell me something, but i have a huge phobia of spiders.. so i didnt stick around. thats when i woke up.

its been bugging me though and id like to get an opinion of this dream. thanks

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Sounds like you answered your own question.  Something that frightens you is trying to tell you something.

Your dreams of a spider is actually something almost holy.  Any dream image of an animal, regardless of whether it is mammal, reptile, insect, or arachnid, symbolizes a benevolent nonphysical entity who has attached itself to you for the purpose of helping you to empower yourself.  This entity takes on the guise of a spooky spider because at some level in your life, you are resisting how it is trying to help you.  Once you embrace this entity instead of fearing it, it will take on the appearance of an angel or something else nonthreatening.

I will use my emerald oracle to delve into this further.  My emerald oracle consists of 743 paragraphs of information.  The first paragraph will define for you the context for understanding the rest of the divination.  So will the next two paragraphs, but they will be subordinate in meaning to the first.  The next seven paragraphs will flesh out the meaning of the first three.


At your very core you have the potential for becoming all-powerful.  You must not take this lightly.  You have this potential because at your very core you are already all-powerful, but the problem is that this power exists in a latent or dormant condition.  This is as it is with everyone.  In your case, however, you have the potential to tap into that power and put it to use in your daily life continually without pause.  In one way or another, you are the one that the world has been waiting for.



Something is holy and sublime, and is deserving of your reverence.  Something is a direct manifestation of the deepest depths of your life, and its beauty dazzles.  Something is perfect and flawless, and its implications for your life are therefore perfect and flawless as well.  Something goes deep into the essence of what the universe is all about, and the implications of this for you are incalculable and indescribable.


Something is positive in every conceivable way.  Something is without a blemish, and so you have no reason doubt how things will be working out.  This thing does not have a single weakness to it, which means that there is nothing for you to correct or strengthen.  Since this phenomenon is positive in every way, it follows that its repercussions and reverberations will also be immensely positive.  You must embrace this thing with the entirety of your being.



Important sexual chemistry comes into play.  There is a strong sexual compatibility existing between you and another, and this compatibility is so strong that you can feel it.  This sexual chemistry is a magnetic attraction, and when you can feel the magnetism the way you can now, it means it is something you should not resist.  Rather, this sexual attraction is something that you should succumb to.  You must acknowledge it and embrace it.  


You must make up for the deficiencies of others.  Everyone, including you, has their strengths and weaknesses.  What this situation calls for is your using your talents and abilities to make up for the lack of those strengths in someone else.  Having a complaining attitude about that person’s imperfections is completely counterproductive.  You must team up with that person, and through mutual support move strongly ahead with something.


The more, the better.  You would benefit from making something numerically larger.  There should be more of something, a greater number.  Something would be improved by adding to it.  You must believe this and take it to heart.  You must make amends, and keep this in mind for the future too.


You must be more open-minded.  You must make yourself more receptive to different perspectives and points of view.  You must also make yourself more receptive to new information.  You must stop being so stubborn about your resistance to something.  You must ease up and take a reality break.  Reality is the best friend you will ever have, and your resistance to it is definitely to your detriment.


This is not the time for something, for there is not enough support for it to work.  There is too little foundation for it.  Not enough things are in place, and so there is no underlying readiness for it.  Therefore, this is a weak reed for you to lean on.  It needs a stronger foundation to be able to support what you want to do.  


You have imposed false boundaries around yourself, and there are no rational or practical reasons for it.  These boundaries are limitations of your own creation, and they must not stand.  These boundaries could be a manifestation of your low self-esteem or they could be a result of your close-mindedness.  They may be the result of your fears or your false notions of reality.  Whatever the cause, the boundaries you have set for yourself are confining, injurious, and are holding you back.  It is time that you stepped beyond them.


Something from your past still lives in your present.  There is something that was formerly on your mind quite a bit, and even though you have moved on in some ways, this influence is still with you.  This influence has changed you and embedded itself in you, and so you are not free of it.  Sometimes you might think that you have gotten rid of it, but you have not.

You are going to have to dwell on these paragraphs and figure out specifically how they apply to what parts of your life.  When you had the feeling that the spider was trying to tell you something, you were right.  What it was trying to tell you is found in the paragraphs above.

wow.. thats a lot to think about. thanks pat and dreamwalker. hopefully i can figure out what its trying to tell me, i kinda have a small idea already.. and im almost sure i have a solid idea of what it is i fear. but im going to go over this a few more times to be sure. thanks again.

Good luck!


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