This is my first possible encounter with an incubus.

A few days ago, I got back from a four week long trip. I had not been in my house for a while and I was dying to get some sleep. Before actually falling asleep I was laying in my bed for a while playing on my phone, all the while going in and out of consciousness. But then, as I was laying there on my back (this time awake) I felt my body go rigid and it felt like I was frozen because I was unable to move my limbs, and this sharp ringing sound was playing in my ear. This kept occurring again and again even when I kept going in and out of the paralysis period. It seemed like whenever I closed my eyes and let my consciousness drift for a little bit, I would be frozen again, hear the loud sound in my ears, and felt like my body kept vibrating. Also, because it was a really hot night (AC broken upstairs) I though it was weird that I felt cooler air envelope my feet and legs. I don't remember anything after that because I think I fell asleep.

Then in the middle of the night (I'm not exactly sure the time) I woke up to feel the covers close to my head and neck being lifted, and had the vague feeling of someone licking my neck. It was so weird, but being in a state of sleepy drowsiness, I didn't react to it. Also, it felt like something had sat on the covers above my chest, but the weight was very light. Then I felt the covers near my feet and legs being moved, so I lifted my head up but saw nothing, all the while proceeding to kick and move my legs in defiance to what was happening. I think I then fell asleep again, I don't remember anything after that.

That morning, I was very tired and felt drained when I woke up. I decided to take a nap that day, but as I was trying to sleep I became paralyzed again and distinctly felt something grab my breast. I then woke myself up and kept the lights on that night when I tried to sleep. I couldn't sleep because it was so hot, and I was afraid to fall asleep, but another experience didn't happen that night.

The next day, I took quite a long nap from 10am to 2pm. At one point during my sleep, I felt my left side being lifted up and it felt like someone got on the couch beside me and put their arm around my waist, while I lay facing up on my back. I actually opened my eyes when my left side was being lifted up, and I saw the vision that would go along with one turning upwards. I was not dreaming during this, but when I did doze off I did have a weird dream. It was of myself laying on another couch, but this time in my old house with my head in someones lap, and with someone stroking my hair and face. In my dream, I think I enjoyed the stroking, but when I looked back at who was doing it, it was a fair-faced man, and for some reason I got scared and started to scramble away (yes, scramble away), and that's when I woke up. The guy didn't look scary at all; he was kind of handsome, but because he was unfamiliar, I think that's why I got scared. This last experience was two days ago.

I've done quite a bit of research on this, and I think this might be an incubus of some sort, or I might also be imagining this whole thing, although I seriously doubt the latter because it was all so real. I've known about incubi before this whole experience, having held a fascination in the paranormal for most of my life. This thing hasn't had sex with me (at least not that I know of), and I would like to know what all this might mean. Will it come back or is it staying...? I have mixed feelings about this because I've never actually encountered anything this direct before, but at the same time I admit I am a little curious.

I am going to tell you that sleep paralysis is a common occurrence in my life and I was experimenting with OBEs a little before this. Could I have done anything to attract this entity? And what would attract such an entity anyways? I've heard differing explanations on this topic and also the point of views that the incubus is a malevolent spirit that should not be tolerated.

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The very first part of your experience it a typical sleep paralysis experience. They often happen while the subject is drifting in and out of sleep. And paralysis is a common characteristic of these experiences. Actually, succubus and incubus are just sleep paralysis variations.  Your physical contact with the entity are typical of such experiences. You were asleep the whole time, but I know that you felt quite awake.

When you took a nap (another time that seems conducive to having these experiences) you felt an entity grab your breast. This was beginning to be similar to an incubus experience.

The next day when you took your long nap and you felt someone partially lifting you up. You say that you were awake at the time, but you were sound asleep. This is a very typical attribute of sleep paralysis experiences. While sleeping, you had a dream of yourself dreaming in another sofa in another house. And there was someone nice making overtures to you. These are all attributes of the same thing.

In what is usually considered to be a full incubus experience, the woman will have full sexual intercourse with the entity. That did not occur in the experience you describe. One could say that your experience was half way between being a sleep paralysis experience and an incubus experience.

Incubus experiences are actually visitations from completely friendly and totally compassionate nonphysical entities. Because they are nonphysical, they do not have physical shape and cannot, therefore, actually stroke your hair and face, and as with others, physically experience sex. However, it is quite easy for them to make you think that you are having those physical sensations yourself. Both in dreams and in visitations when we experience fear, it has one reason. Fear is a symptom of our resisting enlightened information or guidance that is trying to be imparted to us, but because it does not fit with our worldview or because we consider ourselves unworthy of it, we reject it. And so in our dreams and visitations we will experience the source of this enlightenment as something demonic. But later on when we overcome our fear, we will experience the same exact entity as a much more angelic thing.

Typically, with both incubus and succubus experiences, the sex is better than when the subject is having sex with fellow human beings. The reason for this is that the message of the incubus/succubus experience is one of sexual encouragement. Yours was not a full incubus experience, but it was sensual, so the message was probably the same.

I will use my dice oracle to do a reading about this experience for you.

251: A new influence comes into play.

335: A lost cause turns out not to be so lost after all.


115: You discover a whole new world.

30:  It is through stillness alone that your eyes open to something important.

327: One size does not fit all.

144: Things coalesce, dovetail together.

29:  You must put something on the back burner for now.

85:  Something has important implications.

212: You emerge from something unscathed.


75.  Spiritual healing comes into play.

76:  Your creative genius is activated by forces outside yourself.

273: You must assume responsibility for something.

92.  Something opens up new possibilities.

17.  You must change your worldview to include new information, insights, and deepened 


151: Deep, profound wisdom comes into play.

198: It is the energy of your thoughts about things that create your physical reality.

The first group of two describes the context for interpreting the divination as a whole.  When it speaks of something not being a lost cause after all, I assume that it is talking about your sex life.

The first group of seven sentences is telling you that your sex life will improve, but not right away.  The second sentence means that things related to this visitation and this divination will occur to you when you are not thinking about it, but this will be an important realization.  One size does not fit all means that, sexually, there are different strategies that one can use for one's sexual fulfillment.

The second group of seven tells you that you will definitely be overcoming whatever is currently holding you back sexually.  The second sentence confirms that there is an entity with you trying to help you in this way, and in a host of other ways too.  The second sentence is interesting, and tells you that when you have an especially good idea about something, that ideal is probably not originating within you.

Check back in from time to time and let me know how it goes.


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