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I can remember experiencing sleep paralysis my whole life and I'm getting older.  It never frightened me and was just frustrating when I couldn't move.  I would just keep trying to move until I did and then it was over.  My method of coming out of a bad dream is the same; if I can move any part of my body consciously then I am out of the dream immediately.  In the last few years I have thought that sleep paralysis was the return of the astral body to the physical body after taking a nighttime excursion.  Could it actually be caused by several types of things?  It's been a couple of years since I've had an experience.

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Just to add to the above. I have and occasionally still have the weight on the chest thing and that isn't funny at all. But, it seems more stress related and might not be even part of the paralysis..then again maybe it is.

Pat: Please read the other posts in this group to get a good understanding of what sleep paralysis is all about.  It has nothing to do with anxiety or astral travel.  You are being visited by an all-compassionate nonphysical entity.  The reason you experience it as something threatening is because you are resisting its attempt to help you empower yourself.  If you were more receptive to the influence of this entity in your life, then while sleeping you would have experiences in which it appeared to you in a much more angelic and nonthreatening way.  The change would be in you.  Your entity friend would be exactly the same.

Sleep paralysis is caused by one thing, a nonphysical entity who has attached itself to you for the purpose of helping you lead a more fulfilling and rewarding life.  

The best way to deal with nightmares is to try to understand what they are trying to tell you, not trying to make them stop.  Nightmares are wake-up calls in which you are, in emergency fashion, being told to to do something you are not, or to stop doing something that you are doing.  

Please join my Professional Dream Analysis group here on PaganSpace to have your dreams analyzed.

Thank you for your comments.

Already on your dream analysis group.  I don't have a nightmare before a sleep paralysis and in fact I rarely have what I'd call a night mare at all. I do have interesting dreams and several places where my dreams reoccur.

Ah, yes.  I did a dream analysis for you just recently.

Recurring dreams always relate to our mission in life, what we were born to do.  Those are important dreams to have interpreted correctly.

Mine are mostly reoccurring places and different happenings. I used to dream about a place on the Mississippi River near where St. Louis is, but it had to be when it was first being settled. Many many dreams and then they stopped.  Then moved to a house and many people that was very confused...lasted through a lot of dreams. And then the big 3 story house I posted the dream on your dream analysis group.  That has been going on for several years.  Always different, always same house, but at one time I saw the basement too.  I love dreams...

I have dreams off world also...colors were different there too.

Off world?  What do you mean?

On a planet other than Earth. Had one last night and have had at least one months ago in the same place.  Something had happened to the inhabitants and a hand full of humans..including me, had arrived and we had no supplies, but managed to survive.

The only thing that occurs to me is that your being on another planet symbolizes a whole other reality for you.  I will do a divination about it with my dice oracle.  My dice oracle accessed 441 units of information, which is like having a tarot deck of 441 cards.

3/4 2/2: Something important falls right into place for you.

1/5 1/3: This is not the time for something.

1/5 2/6: You watch and observe as your amala consciousness unfolds itself in your daily life.

2/5 1/6: Things become deeper and more intense than before.

2/3 3/3: You grin and bear it.

4/6 5/6: A great cleansing or purification takes place.

One of the dice throws refers to your amala consciousness.  That is a Buddhist term, and refers to that area of your life where you are all-knowing and all-wise.  This reading indicates that improvements are on your horizon.

I follow that very well. Thank you.  I've never been into Tarot or oracle. But, yesterday I was standing in line beside a woman in a Half Price book store. She had several oracle sets of some kind. We started talking and she said she wondered how it would be to work in a book store and just minutes before I had wondered the same thing. We both mentioned it at the same time. She said she really wasn't interested in books...but there she was right beside me. I liked her eyes. No such thing as a coincidence.


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