I had an odd experience about four weeks ago, and I'm struggling to make sense of it. The night before taking a trip to Maryland to see a woman that I am extremely enamored with (borderline obsessive infatuation); I was visited by an entity. This wasn't the first time I experienced sleep paralysis. In college there were two SP incidents that I recall clearly. During the first experience the wall opposite my bed transformed into a writhing mass of earthworms. The second time a large, black bird (raven or crow) appeared outside my window, as it was in flight. The effect was similar to watching stock nature footage from the seventies. The bird was both suspended in air and advancing all the time in a terrifying loop.

This time I found myself on the first floor of a rather cliche haunted house. We're talking cobwebs in every shadowy corner, creaking floorboards, rats scurrying in the cellar. Typical horror-show stuff. Although I was on the first floor of this house, I could see her emerge from a closet on the second floor. The entity did not resemble the woman from Baltimore. Blackness covered every inch of her body but her face was white like the moon. She exited the closet on two feet and skittered across the floor the way a spider does. As she came closer an evil aura filled the house. Her speed was inhuman. In an instant she stood over me, but made no physical contact. I could not speak or move in bed or in the dream, so mentally I asked her if she was Lucifer. She said yes. I did not willingly open my mouth but she drew this viscous black substance out of me, through it. The substance though thick, rose like smoke. I cannot recall if she ingested the smoke or just pulled it out with her right hand. This was the first time that a dream became a separate environment, and not just a visible imposition over my immediate surroundings. I was both in my room and that other place, while being fully aware of what was happening. The only confusion came when I screamed. I have housemates so the sound of my own voice screaming in my brain, convinced me that I had screamed loud enough for other people to hear. Hopefully, this was not the case.

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Hey, Jack:

This is unusual for a sleep paralysis experience. Upon my first reading of your experience, I was not sure if this was an actual sleep paralysis experience. But when I reread it, your saying that you could not speak or move in bed while this entity was present convinced me that this was a sleep paralysis experience after all.

The entity you experienced was real, and was not a projection of your subconscious. But the entity you identify as being demonic is actually as benign as benign gets. All the imagery that caused you to feel so fearful symbolzes your resistance to the extremely beneficial influence of your entity friend. When you stop resisting the influence of this all-wise, all-knowing, and limitlessly compassionate entity, you will experience it as being much more warm, fuzzy, and angelic. But it will be the same entity. It will be you who has changed, not your entity friend. When you change your attitude about your entity friend, you will have no more sleep paralysis experiences either.

I will use my Ifa oracle to comment on the experience you describe.

Odu 28
You achieve balance, harmony, and more control. You succeed by adapting to the needs or requirements of the situation. You augment something here and reduce something there, continually bringing it into closer and more powerful accord with its optimum potential. As you progress, you find yourself better able to guide and control how the situation unfolds. You learn how to make better use of your innate strengths and predispositions, and you make sound decisions concerning them.
Odu 96
You shine a light into the darkness. You enlighten something with your wisdom and insight. You can now clearly see your way, whereas you were more or less blind to something before. You not only understand something much more clearly than before, you have a much better understanding of what you need to do.
Odu 132
You must alter your goal. The goal you have set for yourself needs more work. It is not totally realistic the way it is now. There are important matters that you are not taking into account, or you have set your sights too low, or it does not go deeply enough into what you have to offer. Perhaps your goal is not a good match for what is truly in your heart. Maybe it lacks important detail. Regardless, you need to rethink things, and set a goal more in keeping with the actual potentials and realities involved.

It appears from this divination that you do in fact make a serious attempt to embrace the godly influence of your entity friend instead of fearfully resisting it. Odu 132 says that you must alter the life course you have set for yourself. This is the specific way your entity friend is trying to help you.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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