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I was dreaming I was on a beach and I was with 2 other people. We decided to get in our convertible and drive on the beach with the top down. Then I started feeling as if someone was standing over me. Then I realized it was the guy in the front seat with me. That is when I became aware I was dreaming. The feeling of someone standing over me was so strong that I screamed and woke up. I then got a glimpse of a shadowy figure moving away from me. It was last year but I always wondered who that was. I didn't recognize the people or remember their faces but they were my friends in the dream. I can still feel that feeling.

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What you describe is definitely a sleep paralysis experience.  Most sleep paraylis imagery includes the dreamer being in bed when it happens.  But in your experience, you are in a car driving along a beach.  Dream images of driving a car symbolize your life path, how you are currently moving ahead in life.  The entity hovering over you is in reality a very benevolent nonphysical entity who is trying to help you empower yourself.  In your dream imagery, you see it as something threatening because in waking life you are resisting its attempts to help you.


Question: What is the meaning of this sleep paralysis experience?



You engage in something of great significance.  This thing is no small matter, and it is important that you appreciate the worthiness of it.  This endeavor is important because your involvement in it has great potential in terms of the fulfillment, reward, and success it will bring you.  This endeavor is also an important cog in the machinery, and will help other things in your life fall into place as well.   Concerning this matter, a nice surprise for you soon comes into play. 



There is inactivity.  Nothing happens.  There is not enough underlying readiness for something to become manifest, and so it remains undeveloped.  It stays in a condition of latency.  Either you need to completely bypass this thing, or you need to energize it into being by taking corrective action.  Maybe you need to wait until later.  Or, maybe you simply misjudged the situation altogether.  Regardless, as the situation stands right now, something remains in a condition of latency.


Something gathers momentum.  As something continues to move along and progress, it strengthens.  As it moves along, it increases its energy.  As it increases its energy, it strengthens its effectiveness.  As this thing continues down its path, it becomes more powerful and more difficult to stop or redirect.  As it continues, it becomes more focused.



Things move along at a fast pace.  Something mesmerizes you, and the forces existing between you and this thing stimulate each other.  There is mutual responsiveness, thereby bringing about union between you and it.  The basis of this mutual attraction exists at a deeper level in your life than the mere workings of your conscious mind.  Your heart is stimulated, and this affects your external world.  You make yourself receptive to the influence of another, and succeed in attracting it to you. 


You deeply impress someone.  You do or say something that leaves someone else with a very positive impression of you.  This is not a fleeting impression either, but is a lasting one.  It might be your charisma, your appearance, your conviction and energy, a job well done, or something else, but whatever it is, it works.


You ascend to a higher and more meaningful plateau.  You make solid progress at something, and are now in a better position than previously.  You are more empowered than before, and you feel more confident and in control.  You ascend to a position that gives you greater clarity of vision and purpose, and you are able to move forward more effectively as well.  Something makes better sense to you now.


Like attracts like; you are a magnet, and attract something to yourself because of matching vibrations.  This is inviolate cosmic law.  When you focus on something and attempt to maintain that focus over a period of time, the energy of that focus will create and draw into your life that very thing.  Thoughts always and inevitably become things.  However, if you think yourself unworthy of good fortune in your life, that belief will block your ability to attract good things into your life.   And if you have a complaining attitude, you will just attract into your life more things to complain about.


You have a clear understanding of what you need to do.  Something makes a great deal of sense to you, and you know precisely what needs to be done.  You not only know what to do, but you know how to do it.  Therefore, you move forward with confidence and clarity of vision.  You understand the parts, you understand the whole, and so you have a realistic understanding of what the situation calls for.


Something positive happens that changes your life forever.  Something not only happens, but stays with you.  And it not only stays with you, it stays with you in a big way.  The addition of this thing to your life significantly changes what you understand your mission in life to be, and it alters your life goals as well.  Its implications for your life, both now and in the future, are immense.


Your path or way is clear, and so things go smoothly for you.  The path you have chosen is in close vibrational accord with what your life is all about, and so everything falls nicely into place for you as you go along.  What you are doing is a close match with your innate talents and predispositions, and so things work out well for you.  You enjoy smooth sailing.  You encounter no big hurdles to jump over.


            Paragraph 28 describes this divination as a whole, and says that the thing your entity friend is trying to help you with is of extreme importance to how your life unfolds.  Paragraph 152 tells you that little or nothing is going on in your life in this regard right now, but 566 tells you that it is getting stronger and stronger all the time.

            The remaining seven paragraphs flesh out the meanings and implications of the first three paragraphs.  It seems that, upon your reading this, you become more accepting of the help from your nonphysical entity friend, and so things begin moving at a faster pace with regard to whatever this is all about.

Thanks for that. I had this dream sometime last year.

It no doubt applies just as strongly to your current situation.





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