Since before I was with my husband  I keep having a detail dream of this guy fairly cute and he his  changes face a bit but the eyes our always the same.   Sometimes he has,  blonde hair and sometimes his hair is bald or miltary style.  He kept trying to get me to have sex  and I am always  my younger teenager  self. He is always shouting out numbers to me like ten and 12?   

He starts to  make out with  , me and he is like primal sex energy. His eyes our very scary and it is like I know him all my life. I keep telling him I  married and I can not to do that, with him my dreams, he get's mad at me when, I start to say  no! the dream guy  he says  he was, first.  Other  day in my dream he  appeared and  in my dream he  got the whole towns people in the dream coming after me. Was scary ass dream I had a weapon in my hand and he said  I call them  off  you know what I want I could feel the raw sexual energy  coming from him  and he said she is over here! I was about to give in, when I saw a trumphant look in face. I felt a hand on my arm I woke up from the dream I was scared  I went and  did prayers I was scared!   

I thought maybe it was raw creative power I fear him but  everytime I try ot give in say okay it is only a dream I wake up.



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Only a dream, eh?  Every dream you have is an attempt by the deepest depths of your life to help guide you in a more productive and fulfilling direction in life.  Dreams are the most important communications you will ever have.

This group is for taking a look at sleep paralysis experiences as well as succubus and incubus experiences.  What you have described to me is not one of those experiences.  I will go ahead and do a dream analysis for you, but in the future, please post your dreams in my other PaganSpace group: Professional Dream Analysis.

The first thing you need to understand about dream analysis is that dream images are always metaphorical and never represent themselves.  Sexual experiences in dreams never have anything to do with sex in one's waking life.  Sexual activity in dreams, along with all other dream imagery, is a metaphor for something else entirely.

Recurring dreams such as you describe are always related to our mission in life, what we were born to do.  So it is critically important for you to try to understand them when the come up.

The handsome guy in your dream is a metaphor for you.  It is some other aspect of you, some other dimension of you.  It is a deeper and more honest version of you.  It is also a more enlightened version of you.  The fact that in your dream you are fearful of having sex with this guy means that in your waking life you are fearful of embracing some aspect of you that is symbolized by this fellow.  In other words, your fear keeps a union from occurring.  You are keeping a union with yourself from occurring.  The reason you are resisting it might be that your worldview is at odds with the helpful reality that your more enlightened self is trying to open your eyes to.  Another possibility is that you feel yourself to be unworthy of being self-empowered beyond where you are in life now.

In a nutshell, you are afraid of your more enlightened self.

I will use my dice oracle to give you some guidance about what you need to do with your life according to this recurring dream.  This dice oracle draws from 442 information units, all of which are paragraphs.  Your reading will consist of three of those paragraphs.

170. You must expand the use of this dice oracle in your daily life. You need to use it more often, 

and for a greater variety of things. Whenever you do a divination with this dice oracle, it
instantly puts your life in more harmonious accord with the subject matter of your question, and
the effect is that things seem to accelerate and intensify for you. The information that comes
through this dice oracle is 100 percent accurate 100 percent of the time, and is therefore much
more reliable than the thoughts that come from your conscious mind.

68. You must smooth something over, sand down the rough edges. You need to make something 

more practical or easier to make use of. Perhaps you should remove a blemish or two. You
need to make necessary adaptations to something so that it will run better, operate more
efficiently. You need to do what needs to be done to give something a better fit. You must
provide what the situation calls for so that things become in closer harmony with each other.

203.  You must stay focused on the main things. It is fine for you to embrace variety or have a side 

interest, but these things must not become your main focus. Side issues are fine as long as you
keep in mind that they are side issues, and you keep focused on the things in your life that are of
greater importance and priority. There should be no deviation from that whatsoever.

The first paragraph tells you to make more extensive use of this dice oracle, but since you do not have it and the book I am working on which will make it available to the public is still a ways off.  This means that you must immerse yourself in some other form of divining, such a playing cards or the tarot or the I Ching.  You need to totally master your use of an oracle.  You need to do that not for the reason of becoming a professional reader, but for doing divinations about your various directions in life and your various life paths you have taken.  Your recurring dream is telling you that in some important ways you are really off base in terms of what you are doing with your life.

The next two paragraphs tell you how you should focus your attention when you become a good diviner. Basically, it is telling you to focus on doing divinations about the things in life that interest you the most.  Focus on things that you can do well.  Do readings about things that you enjoy, that interest and excite you.  Use your oracle to explore those things to their very depths.


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