I've had two sleep paralysis experiences recently. I've always struggled with slight Restless Legs Syndrome but that was it as far as issues with my sleep go. I also occasionally dream about things that have yet to happen but I forget about them until that thing is happening, if that makes sense. I've also had anxiety attacks that come about with flashbacks of multiple dreams at once. Anyway, the sleep paralysis didn't start until I moved into my house now with my boyfriend. I woke up in the morning and when I tried to move I was unable. I felt terrified, like someone was standing in the room right in front of me and didn't want me to wake up. I tried screaming and I did so until I got a squeak out of my throat, and that squeak was what woke me up. The second time, I woke up with my face buried in the pillows and I couldn't breathe or move. I tried moving, tried screaming. It didn't feel like anyone was touching me but I felt like my head was being pushed into the pillows. I'm not nor have I ever been a stomach sleeper and I am a shallow breather, so it's hard for me to breathe in hot places like that. I would've woken up sooner. I finally got my foot to move and woke up entirely. I always see shadows out of the corner of my bbc.co eye here, and there's always small noises. I've dealt with spirits at every one of my houses since I was little, and I've noticed that there's more action when I'm with my boyfriend. My mom had a reading done on my room at her house before I moved out and they said a spirit about my age, a boy with a dog, was there and was in love with me. My boyfriend lived with me there and that's when I first noticed that there was more action around him. And now I live in his house and I'm getting sleep paralysis and am seeing and hearing things all of a sudden. Whether or not it's connected, it is still unnerving. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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I don't know why you have more sleep paralysis experiences when your boyfriend is around, but as spooky as they seem, your sleep paralysis experiences are entirely benevolent.  A nonphysical entity of some kind is trying to help you empower yourself, but you are resisting.  When you become more positive about these experiences, they will either cease or take on another form.

I will use my emerald oracle to look into this further.  My emerald oracle draws from 743 paragraphs of information.  

You weigh and consider, try to figure something out.  You compare one alternative to another.  Your mind goes this way and then that way.  You try to evaluate something and arrive at a conclusion about its worthiness.  As a result, you realize that things are not as they seem, and so you need to amend your belief system.  


There is a union of hearts.  You find others to be of the same mind as you.  You also find that others have the same feelings as you.  You and others are on the same page in terms of your priorities and what is important.  You unify with each other through your hearts, and it is a good feeling.  There is a strong emotional communion that is felt by all.

In order to overcome a negative influence in your life, you must first make peace with it.  As long as something is getting under your skin, you will continue attracting to yourself things of like kind.  When you cut the negative bond that attracts this thing to you by taking corrective action, the negative influence will dissipate.  You must well up within you a positive feeling for doing whatever you need in order to bring this situation under control.


You discover or learn a new principle.  This is an important insight of yours, for it has implications and ramifications that you need to take into consideration from now on.  This new principle is a key to understanding how something works and understanding its essential nature.  This new principle is an important piece of the puzzle, and enables you to deal with and adapt to something more effectively from this point on.  

The deepest and most enlightened stratum of your subconscious shakes up your life powerfully and positively.  You experience a deep-rooted change in your life, and the totality of that change is activated by the deepest, most enlightened depths of your life.  This change, or a portion of this change, might be disconcerting to you at first, but you are soon able to see its advantages and benefits.

An important revelation occurs.  This revelation could come about because you figure something out, or you have a mystical insight, or you learn something important from an outside source.  The revelation could also originate from a dream, an oracle, or an omen.  Regardless, something becomes known to you that you did not know before, and this has a big impact on you.

Your salvation lies in things mystic, magic, otherworldly, or occult.  Reality consists of both physical and nonphysical things, but the most interesting and most powerful realities are found in the nonphysical realms.  When you begin understanding the realities that exist in the nonphysical realm, then you will automatically have much better control over what occurs in the physical realm.

There is a struggle.  There is something you must attend to, a rough spot you need to sand smooth.  You must surmount a difficulty, work your way through a problem.  You must persevere, be patient, and get it right.  The problem is not caused by an external intrusion, but is a psychological block, or maybe is just something you have not done yet.  Regardless, once you resolve the problem and put it behind you, you will be able to achieve enormous benefit in your daily life.  

You enjoy yourself, have a good time.  You do what pleases you.  Perhaps you avail yourself of some quality entertainment.  Perhaps you socialize with some people that you feel close to and are fond of.  Perhaps you engage in an interesting activity or project that you feel drawn to.  Maybe you just relax in a way that is meaningful and enjoyable for you.  Or instead, you might want to engage in something fun and exciting.

You are protected by otherworldly forces.  There is a conscious, nonphysical influence that is guiding you and keeping you from harm.  This entity exists independently of you and is not an emanation of your mind or your life.  This protection is not absolute for it depends on how well your vibrational frequencies are aligned with its vibrational frequencies.  As it is, however, your vibrations are enough in synchronization with each other that effective protection occurs.

The first paragraph defines the divination as a whole.  So do the next two, but they are subordinate in meaning to the first.  Basically, you are being nudged by your nonphysical friend in the direction of things that are mystic, magic, and otherworldly.  Therein lies your salvation.  Follow your heart, and do the things that feel good or are satisfying to you.  Let the rest go by the wayside.  You need to totally immerse yourself in things mystic, magic, or otherworldly.  This is who you truly are way down deep.

Thank you for that, it's really insightful! I will definitely take the advice given there :)


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