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for the past few months ive been having dreams where im in my own home,as i recognise the rooms,everything is fine in the dream until i suddenly feel cold and feel like im being held strongly by something i cant see.sometimes im held against a wall,or being held down on the being punched and slapped but cant do anything as the force is to screaming and shouting but no one comes to help seems like the dream lasts forever,in the dream i keep telling myself to wake up,wake up..when i do finally open my eyes thinking its over,my breathing is so fast that my chest hurts and im sweating.but i still cant move i feel like my head,arms,legs and tummy are tied down real tight.i feel like im still screaming but still no one can hear i lay in bed im just wishing it was all over as it gets kinda scary.theres been a few times that when i wake out of these dreams and still not moving,its almost like im looking down at myself from my ceiling,i can see what im wearing,and my surroundings..when i can finally move my body hurts so much that ive had to take painkillers,even after that im sometimes afraid to go asleep again cos i feel theres something watching me in my bedroom.i just dont know what to do anymore.

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The experiences you describe are what are called sleep paralysis experiences, but yours are a little different from how they typically occur.  The thing to do is get rid of your fear.  As soon as you do, these experiences you describe will stop.

What you describe was not a dream, but was a visitation from a nonphysical entity.  Whenever in dreams or visitations we experience fear, the reason is always the same.  It means that we are resisting something that we should be embracing.  Your nonphysical entity is all-wise and is trying to help you empower yourself by getting you to tap more deeply into your innate strengths and abilities.  But for some reason, you are having none of it, and so you experience this entity as something to be feared.  If, on the other hand, you were more receptive to the way your entity friend is trying to help you, you would experience that same entity as being more angelic.  It is your lack of receptivity alone which is causing you to have these experiences.

I will use my dice oracle to do a reading for you about these experiences.  My dice oracle makes use of 441 units of information, which is like a tarot deck consisting of 441 cards.

1/5 4/6: You enjoy some nice attention that comes your way.


1/2 5/6: A mystic connection is involved.

2/4 3/5: There is an imbalance of some kind.

3/6 1/6: You succeed by carefully adapting to the needs or requirements of the situation.

2/5 4/5: Something suffers from your neglect.

5/6 4/6: You must be more visionary in your thinking.

4/4 2/4: You get another chance.


3/6 1/4: You strengthen your foundation.

1/1 2/4: You successfully mold and manipulate something to your advantage.

2/2 2/3: You correctly size something up.

2/3 4/6: Something overflows, is almost too much.

3/4 3/6: You find yourself mesmerized by something.

1/2 5/5: Your strategy is correct.

This reading says that you will be adopting a more positive attitude about your nonphysical entity friend, and that will make all the difference in the world.  All you need to do is make some statements of intent every day that you can think of it, and say something like this, "My nonphysical entity friend, I welcome you into my life wholly and completely."  Or, "My nonphysical entity friend, I totally and completely make my life receptive to your helpful influence."  Or words to that effect.  Your nonphysical entity friend is all-wise, all-knowing, and all-powerful, which means that it is a god.  But people misunderstand the relationship between gods and man.  The way to obtain benefit from a god is to make your vibrational frequencies get into alignment with its vibrational frequencies.  Your god will not snap its fingers and make you win the lottery.  It is your responsibility to make your vibrational frequency aligned with its vibrational frequency, and that alone will enable it to help you get evermore deeply in touch with yourself.


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